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Jungle Rolls

… was the name of the probably best sushi I ever ate in my life. And this wasn’t in Japan but in Berlin Prenzlauer Berg in the japanese restaurant Sasaya in Lychener Strasse 50.

This guy makes 50 Cent look like a wimp

Ok, Baile Funk from Rio de Janeiro

What will it be like…

when 10000 years from now archeologists find this space?
That was the question of a friend while walking the area.


Jewish Museum Berlin

I admit it: I have been living in this beautiful city for over five years and it took me until this week to make it to the Jewish Museum. Although I am very familiar with jewish-german history, there we’re tons of new things and stories for me to discover. The didactical presentation of the exhibition was also one of the best I had ever seen. Take your time when visiting the museum. At the end of the exhibition my head was spinning, you might as well make more than one visit to be able to absorb all the information.

Besides the exhibition, the architecture of the building was breathtaking:



This alone makes it worth to visit the museum. You discover new perspectives around every corner, rarely have I seen such a synthesis between a building and what’s inside of it. Check out the opening times and how to get there on

Say cheese revisited

Living by the river, todays wake up call was that tape they start on MS “Captain Morgan” right after leaving their landing stage: “…On the left you will now see Charlottenburg castle built between 1695 and 1699 by architect Arnold Nering for Kaiser Friedrich III.`s wife Sophie Charlotte. The castle is built in the italian Baroque style…” at that point the boat passes the curve, thank you Captain Morgan, I am at home then. I am left alone with birds, neighbours having breakfast on their balconies and the sound of Mr. Justin Timberlake accompanied by that teenager’s dancemoves upstairs (It could be worse, imagine little boy/heavy rock or german hiphop).

I am leaving the house and try to enter Schlosspark in order to stay in shape. The park is located next to the river. Originally layed out in 17th century by Simeon Godeau as a french baroque garden it had to be changed when french influence was totally out of fashion with the German emperors during the 18th century. They reshaped it to the more appropriate English garden style. But back to my experience: The park is a daily routine and it is a public park, except today. Our president seems to await an important guest. He uses Charlottenburg castle for official events while his home Bellevue Castle is being renovated. A 100+ choir is exercising classic singing right now, it seems to be a very important event as the singing is accompanied by the neverending sound of police helicopters observing the neighbourhood. At the entrance to the park a policeman is asking for my ID. I am wearing shorts, t-shirt, pair of socks, running shoes. I am not allowed to enter. People who have an ID may enter. I learned: Always carry your ID, even when you try to do sports in the park next to your house. Say cheese. The park is worth a trip though.

Say cheese

Since the long awaited Berlin summer

Freischwimmer Berlin

Quiz: It’s summer, it’s hot, the work is done, the home is clean, the hunger satified, the evening is long and your girlfriend has to do homework for university. What do you do?

The correct answer: Get out with one or more buddies and have a nice cold beer at a cozy place. One of the top locations for this “task” is the Freischwimmer Berlin. Using an old landing stage they build a nice litte beer garden on top of it with a direct view over the Spree river. For the hungry ones, lunch is served as well. From time to time even some canoeists arrive to have a break.

Try it out for yourself: From Schlesische Tor down the street eastwards, right behind the light blue gas station on the left side.


Live8 @ Berlin


On of concerts for the Live8 event – initiated and organized mainly by good old Sir Bob Geldof – will take place in Berlin Saturday 2nd July (almost simultaneously with London, Paris and Rome). Besides popular german bands like Silbermond, Wir sind Helden, Die Toten Hosen and Soehne Mannheims famous international groups like A-ha, Faithless and Green Day will act on stage as well. As the concert is free (as in free beer) I’m really looking forward to it. Should be a nice weekend event if the weather lives up to its promise.

And not to forget about all the “Woah, free concert? Famous bands! Yeah, let’s go there”-like talk, the Live8 Event itself will be a sign for all the politicians, governments, companies and whoever else has the power and responsibility to change things in the world. They definitly can’t go on like they did in the past few years. 30,000 children die, needlessly, of extreme poverty. This has to end now.

If you can’t attend the concert, the ARD will broadcast it live form 2-8pm.

Google Sighseeing: Tempelhof Airport


This is an aerial picture of Tempelhof, the famous Airport, through which all of West-Berlin was fed via airlift, while the russians had cut off the city from ground-infrastructure during the Cold-War. Once the biggest airport in the world, there

Football PT.II


Last weekend all of Berlin Mitte (you know, the area with all the expats from brooklyn and its more than fair share of skunkish looking electro-clashers (still!!), gathered for the annual Magnet Mitte Cup. A grassroot footbal event, gaining in popularity each year. Teams include media workers, magazines, clubs and others creativos. From next year on the Magnet Cup will be part of a global Adidas Championship. Let

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