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Hello world (the sequel)

Hello from Berlin, Germany! My name is Till and I am one of the resident writers here. Looking forward to introduce my city to you.

I just got in from a day in town. Actually picked up a good friend of mine in TXL today and after we dropped off his stuff at the fancy pants hotel which he booked (Swisshotel. Really posh place right around Ku’damm.), we went for the world’s best pizza there is.

If you are in town and are up for Italian food, you have to check out “Il Casolare” (Grimmstrasse 30, Kreuzberg, Landwehrkanal, punk music and no website). My buddy is from Brooklyn, NYC, where he claims pizza came from (!). So even though he said before the best pizza is to be found there, he quickly changed his mind.

The next days are somewhat busy with extreme sightseeing. So expect some footage and maybe even a checklist of pla[c,z]es to go to and visit when you come around.


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Talking about Alexanderplatz

Track Works (Arbeiten am Gleisbett)

Arbeiten am Gleisbett

arbeiten am gleisbett

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If you ever wanted to see some clean subway iron rails, go to the subwaystation Alexanderplatz. The artists Jan Sledz and Henning Tilp cleaned and polished the outer rail in the Alexanderplatz subwaystation. Helpers clean the rail every night to keep it fresh and to offer the passengers a

Hello World!

Here is a first message from Berlin, the capital of Germany. It is summer over here, which makes Berlin one of the greenest cities I know, and I went to a few. (In the winter Berlin is one of the greyest, very depressive). Berlin has got lots of lakes in and around town (if you take a car or a train for an hour heading north you find yourself in one of the biggest lake areas in Europe). Berlin is a melting pot of eastern and western cultures, it has about 3,8 million inhabitants, not counting in thousands of unregistered people from all over the globe. As a matter of fact we are the 3rd biggest turkish city in the world (I hope this is still right, the biggest one is Istanbul, followed by Ankara or Izmir and Berlin). We have a lively arts and music scene, which is ever growing. New artists, musicians, producers arrive from all over the world every day, so we

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