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Shape Mission

Shape Mission is an exhibition about italian car design from Turin and Piemont currently taking place in the Meilenwerk Berlin. Organised by the Italian Cultural Institute, the exhibition features four full-size design models by designers such as Bertone and Pininfarina.

I love swimming (part two)

There is a famous song by Conny Froboess recorded in 1951 that goes a little something like this:

Principe di Napoli

Don’t you love it to rediscover things you already knew for years. It just so happened to me when we went out to lunch today and ended up at Principe di Napoli, a small italian wine and delicatessen store in Kreuzbergs Dieffenbachstrasse, a place I knew for over five years but somehow forgot for no apparent reason.


They also serve a delicious lunch, but only one or two dishes are on the daily menu. We had a simple, but delicious pasta with tomato and eggplant. Some parmesan on top and it was the perfect lunch to make you happy. Feel free to ignore the happy smile on my face.


joe_logo.gifYou know us Germans. All we do is drink and drive at ridiculous speeds at the Autobahn (all day).

So yeah, to serve some stereotypes, I just got home from this cocktail bar (and some drinking) right around the corner from where I live. They are called Joe Penas (I don’t have a “n” with a funky “~” above, so try to imagine one.) and it’s one of the nicest bars in Berlin that I know.

Located in Berlin, Kreuzberg at Marheinekeplatz (subway: Gneisenaustraße), right next to the market hall and the church, they will serve you the best long island ice tea you will ever have. Period.

The people working there are always so nice, the music is easy, food’s good, cocktails are great^H^H^H^strong and the service is really great. So I gotta give props, shoutouts and greetings to them. They open every day at 5 PM up until 1 AM. Happy hour is from 5 to 8, cocktails cost €5.35 otherwise (which is the best deal you will find).

Short stop at UDK

26540384_0428fd8a02.jpgI went there for an hour or two Saturday night with some friends. My camera died soon, but I managed to take some pictures before.

I totally got lost inside the building. I can’t say that I’m very interested in architecture or whatever, but hell, I would move into some of the studios there. High ceiling, lot’s of light and so on. Reads like the perfect workspace. And they have so much of it to work in and be creative. It’s insane.

Envy. Envy? Envy! :-)


Free Internet

The German news website Heise online reported earlier, that the Internet provider America Online (AOL) and 802:WLAN offer free access at the weekends in all their hotspots starting from today (16th July) until the 28th of August.

Fooled by nature

Ok, don’t get me wrong and I don’t really want to complain (But I do?), but this weather. This is not good. It’s so warm today (32


Both not so new, but I thought it’s worth it. Especially if you don’t follow German blogs too much, you might have missed those impressions.


Here is a short message for all you guys trying to walk berlin:
Please, will you get off the bike lanes, please?
I got to remind you that german virtues include silence and order. I don’t care if you make noise, so skip that stuff, but on the order end I defenitely want some kind of law that stops tourists from running around in public areas like they where drunk, stoned and on some heavy downers at once. On my way back from the city I nearly killed two of those tourists just because they suddenly thought it would be nice to wobble onto the bike lane. On the other hand, this action topped the rush I had speeding down the 17th of June trying to make it as fast as the average car rolling aside, which I didn’t. Glad I am alive.

university of the arts exhibition

i don’t know what they do, where they do it and why, but i’m pretty sure it might be worth going there. so i’ll go to the university of the arts (universit

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