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hasta la victoria siempre

Anyone notice? Almost 30 years after death in 1979, Berlin will have a street named after him. For this purpose, it looks like Kochstra

water in my backyard

waste of water II

Well, you know? There is plenty of things I didn’t know about this place, when I moved in here. One of them is that I have an occational water fountain right outside my window in my backyard. The first time I found out about it or rather noticed it, was quite weird. I woke up at 11 or around lunch time and I heard the noise of water all around me. Getting up, driven by paranoia and a feeling for “Oh shit! The washing machine broke down and half your place is under water!” it took me like five minutes (If you pardon, I just woke up. ;)) before I realized that this was outside of my pad.

So today I thought that since others blog plenty about water, we at Berlin’s metblog needed some too. So here is my share of it, a picture of my little backyard fountain. What strikes me though is, that my grandma always told me to water plants when the sun is not shining on them. You shall either water before 10 AM or maybe after 4 PM, otherwise it’s a little counter productive and the sudden water coolness is not to healthy for your plants. (Hey, and don’t tell me you never learned something reading this blog!!! ;))

Then also, regarding the usage, more or less recently (give or take 10 years) they started using methods on fields where they water plants with very little water, over a longer timeframe. (Alter Hausfrauentrick: Make little holes in hose and put it accross the area you want to water.) Two things that didn’t sneak up here yet. So this little fountain is the biggest waste of water as of yet and I dislike paying for that very much (and somehow I have to at the end of each year ::: bullshitmaintenance).

I think Frede and his green friends should march against this profuseness of a very important resource in my backyard. How about it, guys? I will also provide phone numbers and address of my landlord for protest letters too. Please contact me! :D

Spend your talent

(aus meiner Feder Inbox: )

!never miss it again!


Angela Merkel vs. Rolling Stones

What’s all that fuzz about with the election. Can’t they just leave me alone with all their posters, ads and campaigns. No they don’t. They are all bullshitting around trying to catch my vote and convince me with BlaBla on every channel.
So i really like it when somebody comes up with typographical advanced engineering as seen at Kottbusser Tor. Probably it’s been one of these bored and hooked junks drinking schulle all day. I will invalidate my vote anyway or maybee i go and vote for the green party which has the only statement regarding digital life, copyrights and internet.
But i will definitely not vote for Angela Merkel because she and her agency abused ‘Angie’ by the Rolling Stones as leading campaign song without any permission. In the end she freeloaded it with some P2P-client. And as the Angie stands for black and conservative politics she should better us ‘Merkle Man’ by Jammer. On one hand it means the dark man and on the other it is the latest hit from the hyped grime scene in London by one of their best producers. So i would rethink my vote.

New Orleans Metblog on Tagesthemen

Just watching Tagesthemen with a report on Hurricane Katrina hitting New Orleans. And they are directly quoting the reports on Metblogs New Orleans as being more direct and unfiltered than “classical” journalism.


See the report as livestream here or read the article on the Tagesthemen Website.

Internet Cafe


Achtung Wahlkampf: Da’s schon l


Seine Wahlentscheidung zu treffen, ist f

Doch noch Leben im Netz(-Wahlkampf)?

Das habe ich gerade als kleine Vorab-Info reinbekommen:

mache gerade eine spannende sache f

“Der Spiegel” about Berlin-Wedding und Shokmuzik

Read the article about Berlin-Wedding, one of berlin’s problem childs and very poor “kiez” and it’s “famous” german HipHop Label “Shokmuzik” at “Der Spiegel” magazine. All in german, but nice pictures.

Backjumps Live Issue II at Bethanien

So, when it comes to exhibitions in Berlin lately somebody should mention the Backjumps Live Issue II exhibition at Bethanien in Kreuzberg.
After their success two years ago, they didn’t hesitate to organize a second Live Issue. And this one is as good as last time. You’ll find every relevant Street Artist exhibiting there. Every Artist got his own room to decorate. I love the rooms by Delta and Swoon most, but just go there and check yo’self. You’ll also find Pieces by the artist all around town.
Even CDU (the conservative party) caught attention of Backjumps and tried to prohibit it just one day before the vernissage.
Also check flickr for some backjumps pics.

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