And the saga continues

Told you, that I would keep you updated on the “progress” of my invador, didn’t I? Of course I did!

It very much seems like there is a lack of content around here lately. The infamous Sommerloch summer slump has hit our blog as well. Only thing is, there is no summer outside. It’s wet, it’s cold, and there’s even sometimes wind.

After picking up my eBay earlier, I spend the rest of my morning in Friedrichshain today. It’s on the way back to Kreuzberg home anyhow. So I met a friend for breakfast, had coffee, watched people walking by.

We met at this small place at Simon-Dach-Straße called Kaffeeladen (almost literally: Coffeeshop). Sat outside for a while, but it’s just too cold in T-Shirts. People wear longsleeves and sweatshirts mostly, and it’s the middle of August. (rant-mode: ) And people in Friendshain are so stylish. I’d even put 50 bucks on it that they watch themselves in the mirror before they take the trash out.

And then I went home to setup my phone. Yep, that’s it for the day.

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