Sunday brunch

When you live in Berlin and when you are not super anti-social, there are always so many people you can meet each day. And sometimes it seems to be so incredibly easy to make dates for coffee, brunch or Friday nights, or whatever. It’s unreal. For all you single people out there, this is a great city. :)

The most relaxed one (no gender hassle :D): Going out for with friends on Sunday. Not just great to actually meet people outside of office and work, but always a good reason to not sleep the entire day and actually get out of bed somewhat early or at a decent time (11 AM).

Well, talk is cheap motherfucker! and it’s incredibly easy to promise, but to actually make it to one of those Sunday brunch dates can take a while. For example, it took us like eight (8!) months to get to this one. While I am writing this, I can blame it all on Rob anyway. He’s always leaving Berlin for the weekends. So there! ;)

Anyway. Where do you go for brunch?

If you are looking for a good deal in Kreuzberg on a Sunday morning, your best opportunity would be Cafe Morgenland. At least I (or we) think so. By the way, we is Simona, Mark, Rob and me.

Cafe Morgenland is located right at Görlitzer Bahnhof and they serve virtually everything at their brunch. I think the brunch costs €9.00 and is served until 4 PM. So you can even sleep in some and still go there. I wouldn’t always count on available seats though, so you might need a backup plan (such as Cafe Morena, next door).

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  1. pollas (unregistered) on August 15th, 2005 @ 2:01 pm

    Was at Morgenland yesterday, and the food was indeed pretty good. But the logistics involved in getting just a single plate of soemthing….Jesus…

    As I see it, they should consider removing a seat or two from somewhere…just to make it possible to actually get close to the food ;-)

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