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Hi Mom, I’m on TV

Wanna be famous? Maybe you’ll get your chance as a disguised extra if you show up tonight between 18:00 and 24:00 on Zimmerstrasse in Mitte and bust into the filmshoot of a new commercial for DaimlerChrysler.
Some weeks ago we accidentally bumped into the shoot of the new S-Class-commercial on Bellevuestrasse, we took the back exit of the parking garage and suddenly we’re in the middle of the shoot. Hectical people with headset surrounded us immediatly and everybody told us to leave in a different direction. ;-)

Eyes on the water

This is one of the installations of the Aquamediale, taking place in the Spreewald until September 18th. The first exhibition I know of you can paddle through with your canoe. Something new to do for the weekend!


Firstly i wanna say hello to the Metblog Berlin community. Finally i am able to blog. On one hand because i received my login data from Jay and on the other hand because i found a place with internet access in Mitte. Pretty hard these days. Once you find a place it’s either a T-com or AOL spot, which is not for free. After trying the St. Oberholz which got really crowded recently, I am now sitting at Galao with my powerbook on my lap. But what’s really frightening me is the view of people sitting in a row behind their laptops staring on the screens. Looks like the digital version of Shaun of the dead to me.
Does anyone know how i get access to the CCC Wlan spanned all over Mitte. So you can help me not to become one of them laptopzombies.Laptopzombies.JPG

Directions 101

Something I noticed once more tonight. When you go somewhere, people give you all kind of weird pointers about their whereabouts. Berlin is a big city indeed, and they always expect you to know everything about where they live. For example, I rarely ever go to . So I got no clue. I’d be totally lost in too. ;)

Remixing public space

Currently hanging at Oranienburger Tor.

Btw: Can anyone please tell me, what this “Base” thing is about. Did E-Plus not just launch a no-frills brand? Simyo. Or did they rename Simyo to Base after they tried to spam bloggers into posting their great new site and got kicked in the butt.

great day

Finally! So much sun, so much summer. At last! I heard a song on the radio today. The latest single of Berlin’s Seeed, not exactly new, but it fits the day. Click here for a video. (You will need the nice pos-ad-poluted REAL player. :/)

Coming back home

wow, it feels good to come homw. Back in Berlin for 5 days and guess what I brought the sunshine. So now you know why todays weather is just perfect. (beautyfull picture, Till). And now lets get on with some advertising: This is a perfect night for a dance, so catch some good old house vibes tonight, this is the Washing Machine at Sommerlager.
See you later…


sunset over Kreuzberg

Enough said.

gas prices

Yesterday’s paper (, in German) suggests that the current gas price is connect to ‘s issues concerning atomic energy. Connected to availability, or something. I didn’t know that we will all run out of oil tomorrow if Iran stops producing. For me, this sounds just like another excuse for the oil monopoly from the Mid-East to raise prices.

How to create turmoil

Take the following ingredients:
– 30 people demonstrating against something
– 20 press fotographers and tv people
– some 40 bystanders
– and, not to forget: 8 police vans and some 50 policemen.

Add this to the Kreuzberg intersection of Adalbertstrasse and Oranienstrasse and you have a nice afternoon traffic jam. Heck, I couldn’t even figure out what they were demonstrating for or against, their transparents were just too small. It looked like a useless cause anyhow.


Sorry for the bad picture quality, had to take it with the cameraphone off the scooter.

Addition: So this is what happened, I understand!

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