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Storck Riesen


Mmmh…! Wondering if I can get a coffee in the appropriate size. (Spotted at Rosenthaler Stra

Temporary Art Space at Oranienburger street

They started painting the Wall opposite of Tacheles sponsored by an overpriced italian demin company with a good marketing division.
So far it looks like a plane.

skater day

Some rather bad impressions (mobile phone’s camera) from yesterday’s skater day.


Run, Forrest, Run!

Some impressions of todays Berlin Marathon:


Love Parade haunting

Musikmarkt tells us that we won’t be spared. :( There will be a new “Love Parade” in June, 2006. But it won’t be called “Love Parade”, but “B-Parade” (Berlin Street Parade).

And listen to this, finally it won’t be a demonstration either, but registered as a “regular” event. Who would have thought? Sad, sad. Since I am an avid supporter of all those political statements (about love and world peace) made on LSD and XTC.

I also read that the makers of the “B-Parade” will not only torture us with Techno, but with the entire spectrum of electronic music. So I guess it’s time to book a cheap flight (with HLX, easyjet, Air Berlin, Virgin Express, flyDBA or whoever) to spend the weekend somewhere else.

Update: Quo vadis Love Parade

Webcuts – internet film fest

Let’s see whether this will be cool or not. Is there anyone who will be there too?

Webcuts04+05 presents the best internet films of the past two years on Thursday, October 6th, 2005, up close in Berlin and worl-wide via live streaming on the web.

Be witness to an extraordinary transformation: What was made for the computer screen, looks even better on the big cinema screen!

Cinestar, Potsdamer Platz
18.00-19.30 – Best Of Webcuts 2001-2003
20.00-22.30 – Webcuts04+05 Screening of the competion films, announcement of the winners

HomeBase, K

Hey ho! Let’s go!

Ramones Recently (as in last week), a museum which is entirely dedicated to the great Ramones opened right around the corner in Solmstra

Elections done, now what?

The advanced elections are over and the result really pisses me off. Apart from my political preferences I would have hoped for a clear result, either for the politicians in charge or for the opposition. Now both of the big parties lost and are only divided by a small margin of under 1 percent.
What we saw on tv last night was grotesque, each party was trying to blandish their results. No one really had the balls to admit mistakes or to honestly say, that they lost.
But the most bizarre appearance was Schr




THURSDAY 15.09.2005 23:00 im WMF Sommerlager

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