To protect the weak

Biking anyone? Well, if you lived here for a while, you know all about the perfidies of parking (finding one, paying, or not paying and then paying the parking ticket four weeks later) and spending hours and hours in public transport. For me, biking is an alternative to my car and the subway. Costs nothing to take the bike, you get to see something and you get almost everywhere in reasonable time.

Since I have been in a couple bike accidents so far, I especially liked what I just heard on the radio. Effectively from 1st October, 2005 there will be a new EU (as in EUrope) regulation which seeks to protect bikers and walkers from car accidents. Apparently car manufactures canhave to implement some sort of measure so when their cars get into an accident with you, you are not killed instantly – or something. I have no idea how it works, but the ADAC (the German equivalent to Tripple A (AAA)) writes (in German) that the front of cars has to be more smooth in order to meet the regulation. The front of the car is supposed to absorb the force/energy instead of giving it back to your body.

That’s still a pretty vague explaination, I guess, but apparently it’s mandatory for new models and will really keep them off the market unless they got it. And they will even put more restrictions on the manufactures in 2010. I wonder if anything like that would work in the US of A, especially in the Motor-City Detroit.

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