So what’s new?

It’s been incredibly quiet around here. But thanks to sirstick, someone’s protecting our base. Others seem to be busy too, and so am I mostly – lately. Or they have a better excuse than me – congratulations, Felix. :)

To cut the slack, what’s new on my side of town?

Nothing much, I must say. I have been literally buried in work mostly. Work which I am not always keen on doing (taxes) but since I am back from a week-long outdoor vacation (outdoor refers to tents, lots of sun and fun) with friends, it’s rolling. One way or the other of course. I think I almost spend all of last week at home, but since they turned my backyard into a construction site and put scaffolding on my building to redo the front, I am more or less somewhere else during the day.

This and the new catalogue which I found in my mailbox also made me ponder about another trip to IKEA. Maybe to get some shades up so I don’t see construction workers, walking past my windows all day long. And maybe to regain some privacy for the next five weeks.

Then, more or less recently, I decided to postpone going to university/college for another year, or maybe two, three, four or ten? We decided to try the adventure of establishing a company with friends – once more. And even though I have been working on my own for almost three years now, it’s quite the big step for me. Especially since I know what all can go wrong and especially since I burned my fingers way too often doing this, at least for this life.
I also talked with plenty of friends about this, seeking their advice.

To get this baby of the ground, we will rent some beautiful office space in Kreuzberg (Urbanstra

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