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Oh my god, I did not see this coming. ;)

BERLIN, Germany (Reuters) — A German inventor has angered animal rights activists with his answer to fighting the soaring cost of fuel — dead cats.

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So what’s new?

It’s been incredibly quiet around here. But thanks to sirstick, someone’s protecting our base. Others seem to be busy too, and so am I mostly – lately. Or they have a better excuse than me – congratulations, Felix. :)

To cut the slack, what’s new on my side of town?

Nothing much, I must say. I have been literally buried in work mostly. Work which I am not always keen on doing (taxes) but since I am back from a week-long outdoor vacation (outdoor refers to tents, lots of sun and fun) with friends, it’s rolling. One way or the other of course. I think I almost spend all of last week at home, but since they turned my backyard into a construction site and put scaffolding on my building to redo the front, I am more or less somewhere else during the day.

This and the new catalogue which I found in my mailbox also made me ponder about another trip to IKEA. Maybe to get some shades up so I don’t see construction workers, walking past my windows all day long. And maybe to regain some privacy for the next five weeks.

Then, more or less recently, I decided to postpone going to university/college for another year, or maybe two, three, four or ten? We decided to try the adventure of establishing a company with friends – once more. And even though I have been working on my own for almost three years now, it’s quite the big step for me. Especially since I know what all can go wrong and especially since I burned my fingers way too often doing this, at least for this life.
I also talked with plenty of friends about this, seeking their advice.

To get this baby of the ground, we will rent some beautiful office space in Kreuzberg (Urbanstra

Shopping in Berlin

Shopping in Berlin can also look like the visit to a subway maintenance tube. At least, when you visit Galeria Kaufhof on Alexanderplatz these days.

They are remodeling the whole building until 2006. And it’s not only a new paint job, they added one third in length to the building, new staircases, new facade, everything. Funny thing though that they continue selling stuff. In between dust and construction noise, they are moving departments almost every week. So at every staircase on every floor they put employees explaining the customers their way. And don’t forget to bring your own safety hat!

To protect the weak

Biking anyone? Well, if you lived here for a while, you know all about the perfidies of parking (finding one, paying, or not paying and then paying the parking ticket four weeks later) and spending hours and hours in public transport. For me, biking is an alternative to my car and the subway. Costs nothing to take the bike, you get to see something and you get almost everywhere in reasonable time.

Since I have been in a couple bike accidents so far, I especially liked what I just heard on the radio. Effectively from 1st October, 2005 there will be a new EU (as in EUrope) regulation which seeks to protect bikers and walkers from car accidents. Apparently car manufactures canhave to implement some sort of measure so when their cars get into an accident with you, you are not killed instantly – or something. I have no idea how it works, but the ADAC (the German equivalent to Tripple A (AAA)) writes (in German) that the front of cars has to be more smooth in order to meet the regulation. The front of the car is supposed to absorb the force/energy instead of giving it back to your body.

That’s still a pretty vague explaination, I guess, but apparently it’s mandatory for new models and will really keep them off the market unless they got it. And they will even put more restrictions on the manufactures in 2010. I wonder if anything like that would work in the US of A, especially in the Motor-City Detroit.

Amerika verdient es besser.



I just read this article on the New Orleans Metblog and I cannot stop shaking my head in disbelief. The biggest natural disaster on US soil strikes and there are people in the nation not knowing or caring about it. I’m unable to understand this.


This is more or less a cheap plug. The Ohrbooten, or their label are Spreeblick’s most recent sponsor (you know, ads and blogs) and they have a pretty fucking nice video, and the song fits the summer and overall easyness. At least I think so.

Please download it and maybe even by their album on Amazon. Always gotta support your local dealer band!

The video shows some of Kreuzberg (Oranienstra

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