Meeting Camilla

I arrived back home. The fridge was empty, thank you flatmate. good girl cleaned out everything before she left. Went over to my neighbours place and asked how things are, Michael grinned at me, he normally doesn’t. “Welcome, it has been a long time, come in!” This was different, he is the typical Berliner who mumbles something that decrypts as “Come in and shut up”. I knew that there was something special to happen if this guy is so full of “positive energy”.
He led me to the living room and there it was, a terrarium and on a little perch Camilla was sitting and hanging, lounging, it denelitely looked very relaxed. Camilla, also called Wuschel is a Jemen Chameleon. She is green, like the green copper turns to when oxidating too long. She has some grey stripes along her body. Her Feet are just like gaspipe pliers, she is balancing herself out all the time, favourite tool is obviously her tail that is longer the the rest of her body and is reeled in when not needed. Michael explains: “Camilla sits in her glashouse for hours always trying to heat up as chameleons are hematocryal, when she is not warm enough she doesn’t even eat, she just can’t move.” Note: If you run into trouble with hematocryals, cool ’em down.
Camilla can look at you with her one eye, while she looks at something else with the other, you move on just one side, only the eye that scans this side of Camilla will show a reaction. Chameleons have a field of vision of 342

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  1. felix (unregistered) on October 10th, 2005 @ 12:15 pm

    well, welcome back.

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