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Picture taken today (11/21/05) at Rohlandufer. Click on the picture for others.

the leaders of tomorrow?

Wowi feat. Platzeck

I don’t know how much you guys keep up with German politics (especially if you are not in Berlin or Germany), but since the , almost committed political suicide a few weeks ago, some people thought it would be wise to rejuvenate the party and elect a new leader (chairman type of person).

The result of this is Matthias Platzeck (right), who’s currently also leading the state of . He’s looking into the future together with Berlin’s current major Klaus Wowereit (left). Would you follow? Personally, I’d say, it depends.

Just for (some) equality:
, ,

Take a look at the city

I know, I know. Another webcam post, but wait, if you check out the following link, you can download a video with what happened in the last 24 hours in Berlin:

See, webcam and video. Pretty cool right? ;-)

Now go to that page and look for, “Die letzten 24 Stunden als Zeitraffer: MPEG-Video”, which reads: “The last 24 hours in fast motion:” and “MPEG-Video” is the link. If you check it now, or within the next 12-16 hours, you will even see that we had snow (for the first time this year) in the city. Winter is coming.

Quo vadis Love Parade


Due to popular demand, here are some infos about the upcoming parades in Berlin next year.

Du kannst nach Hause gehen

… beziehungsweise eben nicht.

Eben hab ich’s dank dem Tagesspiegel (von gestern) vernommen: Robert Hoyzer darf einsitzen, 2 Jahre und f

Sunrise over Berlin – industrial

Sunrise over Berlin - industrial

Take the guided tour

Readint Tills entry about the Airport Tempelhof it came to my mind that I always wanted to take a guided tour through the airport, taking you to the old military part and the catacombs of the airport. It is organised by the visitors service but they only take groups.

In case you are only one or two people you can join an existing group. Best thing is to call the Visitors Service:

Petra Neumann
Marketing und Unternehmenskommunikation

Jobs that aren’t made for me

This is one of them:
Windowwasher on the fifth floor of the opposite building, in the rain.

Ich bin ein Berliner

JFK admitted to it in public already, but did you secretly want to be a Berliner too? Look no further! :-) Skype (and of course other VoIP-providers) now offers Berlin phone numbers. You can feel like a Berliner, when people call you using your shiny new 030-number.

Even though they say the service is only available when you live in Germany, I bet there is some way around this. Even though I don’t want to encourage this – of course. ;-) And for those of you who actually live here, this is your possibility to dump the phone contract you are paying 20-some Euros for each month.

If you share the conspiracy theories about eBay and don’t care that much for Skype, sign yourself up for a free Berlin number over at Sipgate. They provide the same (telephone number), no subscription fees, and all you need is either a VoIP phone or their little software on your computer to accept calls. You don’t need add credits to the service to be call-lable.

Content blatantly stolen from: Hauptstadtblog



As some of you know, Berlin has three main airports, Tegel (TXL), Sch

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