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city (s)hopping …

but first some pictures of a white Berlin and a blue sky …

beautiful, don

Dear Car Drivers

Schnee auf B

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The Prince of Darkness

In the last weeks I drive to work around 08:00 in the morning. I pass Greifswalder Strasse and later on M

Singapore & Mumbai

Things are a bit slow around Berlin’s Metblog – lately. But don’t let this fool you, Metroblogging grew another two, Singapore and Mumbai. Since I have never been even closer to either of them, I added them to my feedreader right away. And you should too. :-)


No Berlin post from me since some time for the simple reason that I have been in Luxembourg since the beginning of last week.
The country of Luxembourg is where I come from and where part of my family still lives. Whenever I meet people in Berlin or elsewhere outside of my country, and they ask me where I am from, their response to my answer usually varies between: “what, do you mean Liechtenstein?” or “oh, you are the first person from Luxembourg I have ever met”. And hardly anyone knows anything about Luxembourg. Maybe that there are a lot of banks and that petrol is cheap.
So allow me to give you a few facts about my country:

Bonjour, Paris!

Another member of the Metroblogging family was launched earlier today, say ‘Hello!’ to Paris. The pictures from their Flickr feed look oh so beautiful and romantic already.

just some pictures


i took these yesterday afternoon from the building in Berlin – Wedding where i work.


Sometimes you rediscover music of “bands” long gone.

And so it came to my attention that one of the people we share office space with actually had a music label before. You may say, “Ok, but in Berlin, who did not have a music label before?”. But in this case, the label is newnoise and the rap combo of interest is Moabeat.

Straight rap and from before Sido, and all the Tempelhof wannabes got famous. If you can get the album “Dringlichkeit besteht immer”, don’t miss out on it.


I know, it’s a bit late for this, but last Friday my friends at superRetro opened their new officespace deep in Kreuzberg at Mannteufelstrasse.

Basically, this is their new office and in the evening (when hopefully done with all work ;-)), they plan to open it up to show off the art to attract people who walk by. For the opening three different artists showed their prints, one of them is Jasmin (who co-owns this joint with her boyfriend Sven), but unfortunately I don’t remember the names of the other two.

Here are some impressions from the opening, for the pictures, check out their website (and shop). :-)




Webmonday Berlin

Dear metbloggers, readers, internet evangelists.

I just stumbled again over an event called webmonday, held in november in cologne. it was an open door event for all people interessted in internet topics, especially web2.0. and of course it was an event to meet and talk to people whose blog you read often maybe, but never met in reality before.

so why not do something similar in berlin? i’m not just thinking about all of us metrobloggers but also johnny spreeblick and markus angermeier for example. i would recommend january 9th or january 16th 2005.

Is anyone interessted? Leave a comment or discuss in the wiki. i’d really enjoy to meet some of you folks.

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