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Yeah right, more castles!

My mom was in town and wanted to visit Charlottenburg Castle. Know what? We found the best argument against building the Stadtschloss. Charlottenburg Castle has been renovated recently so we expected noble interior, original paintings. We expected to catch a glimpse on royal life as it used to be. So we went for the Audio-Guide and started our walk through what used to be splendid royal appartments. The Audioguy defenitely needed some sleep when he recorded the guide, nearly fell asleep while listening. Worse, not one room in the castle fits with the next one, all the interior you see is commented as “not original”, because the original was burned/destroyed/stolen, i.e. the famous “Bernstein Zimmer” was originally set up in Schloss Charlottenburg before it got lost somewhere between Berlin and Sibiria. In short: The presentation does lack content. How do they think will they fill that newly built castle in Mitte when it is done? Can’t believe this.



Sweet picture, showing one of the fronts of . Picture borrowed from B

visitors …


…make you look differently at your city.
Whenever friends or family come to visit us in Berlin, we end up going places where we never have been before, and would probably never have gone to.

Sven Regener

, lead of the Berlin-based band Element of Crime, blogs.

Soccer, football, Fussball

Even if you are not into soccer, you don’t really get around noticing that everything is prepared for the world cup in 2006 (that’s next year, folks). And if you are really interested (unlike me), you might have even followed the lottery of the groups and essentially the first rounds the teams will get play.

What’s indeed more interesting is what games are played in the city and so Hauptstadtblog rightfully asks and reveals.

First round

  • Game 11: Group F Tuesday, 13th June, 2006, 9 PM (CET): Brasil vs Croatia
  • Game 20: Group B Thursday, 15th June, 2006, 9 PM (CET): Sweden vs Paraguay
  • Game 33: Group A Tuesday, 20th June 2006, 4 PM (CET): Ecuador vs Germany
  • Game 48: Group H Friday, 23th June, 2006 4 PM (CET): Ukraine vs Tunesia


Berlin Map in english

For all our english speaking friends the map of Berlin’s U- and S-Bahn is now available in english. You’ll find many funny combinations which i won’t come up with now. Go for yourself. Get it here as PDF or the London map in german here. via fontblog

Scotch & Sofa

This was one of the lighter moments this week, sitting at “Scotch & Sofa” in and enjoying a drink or two with some friends. The bar is quite cosy and supposedly, they have the cheapest collection of good whiskeys in town. I’m not an expert, but the interior is a bit 60’s or 70’s style, including the fancy wallpaper featuring many comfy seating accomodations.

The bar is located right at /Schoenhauser Allee, you have to keep right when you get off the subway. Also check out this link for directions, schedule and so on, and pay them a visit.



picture from Landsberger Alle, November 2004

Nothing clears my thoughts better then a run through Berlin.
To do so, I like the less popular neighborhoods best: Pankow, Weissensee, Hohenschoenhausen, Lichtenberg … especially the view of these wide streets make me happy.

As promised

I visited my neighbour again. Here it is: A picture of Wuschel aka Camilla. Isn’t she sweet?

Kids need your support

This is something we defenitely have to advertise. Did you know that lots of kids in this town don’t even have enough money to get themselves something to eat? Well, sad to say, it’s like that. spend your talent are doing something about it and are doing it yet again. Nikolaus day, that is tomorrow, they invite all off ya to join their 3rd Charity Event at Watergate, starts 10pm ends late. So, get up off your bed and gain some money for toothbrushes, schoolbooks, clothes, food,… by doing nothing else as you are doing on weekends. This time it is not just for entertainment purposes but you are doing something good. Plus it is St. Nikolaus, so you can be sure that this will get you a massive Karma-Bonus.
Those Kids defenitely need any help they can get and you are one of the chosen ones to support this matter.
Aight? Lets review what we just learned, Q: WHAT ARE YOU ABOUT TO DO ON THURSDAY? A: I AM GOING TO PARTY AT:

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