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89 millimeter

Hackische H


I recently went to London (a week ago) for a long weekend kind of thing, and you know how it is. Whenever you go somewhere else, you end up comparing many things to how it’s done at “home” and so on. Even though it does not take much for me to call anything where I sleep home, it is like that.

Hard to admit, but I guess if I move in Europe it will be either one of the wilder countries (CZ, PL, HU) to the east, or probably . :-)


Friedrichshain – Wedding


pictures of a cold grey Saturday in Berlin-Wedding.

We are moving our studio from Berlin Friedrichshain to Berlin Wedding. The difference in neighborhood could not be much bigger. In Friedrichshain, we were close to the Strausberger Platz, in the midst of East German “Plattenbauten”, a rather bleak area, with hardly any shops or restaurants, removed from the “hipness” what people usually associate with the Friedrichshain area. Whenever I went to the closest supermarket there, I felt that I was the only person there, who had not been living there for at least 15 years, and certainly the only foreigner … But I really loved that area.
In Berlin – Wedding we are certainly not the only foreigners, on the contrary, there we belong to a minority of white people in the midst of a huge Turkish community. And it is a very busy area where we work now. It feels much more city like then any other neighborhood in Berlin where I have lived or worked until now. I like it.

it’s freezing

I just got back in from outside, and I must say, it’s so damn cold outside. If you didn’t believe it before, the Winter made his way to the city and is finally here! I am so glad I actually got a winter jacket last week (after I realized, I had “probably” left/lost mine somewhere 6-8 months ago).

Now all we need to do is spend our days @home inside with candles, yummy and coffee. Yay! And I while I am here making a wishlist, I would also like to see some snow to make the setting perfect.

I think next week, I will check out some of the “Christ[mas,mess] markets” around town. Any recommendations? I was already told, that the one at Alexanderplatz is to be neglected.



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art …

I braved the Berlin cold last night and decided to go to an opening of an exhibition by an artist called Johan Zetterquist in a gallery called ” Invaliden 1“. The description of the artist

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