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Bread and games

… not games, but Butter! Bread and Butter is a fashion show (or weekend) – I hope I got that much right. Since I am not much of a fashion victim and Carhartt and Nike are as trendy as I get, here are some links to the official website and the flickr photostream to get an impression.

Speaking fashion, there’s currently also the “Berlin Fashion Week” and “Euro Fashion Week” in town.

Mini Reichstag


Click the picture for the article. (Picture borrowed from BZ!)

Club Filth

You’re welcome! Especially if you’re happy, horny and hairy! Show you’re a true supporter and wear your Filth club-colours, so… dress like a slut, bring your own butt!

Samstag, 28.01.2006
Cafe Moskau
ab 22.00 Uhr

Club Filth presents
The Happy,Horny,Hooligan Heist


Rex the Dog (Kompakt / UK)
Tom Trago,Mr. Wix (NL)
Wannabeastar & Miss B-Have (NL)
Joost van Bellen (NL)
The Discotwins (NL)

Live Acts:

Elle Bandita (NL)
Cobra Killer ( Berlin)
Fluffy Target (Berlin)

Adm.: 10 €

Geschichten aus der Grossstadt

Grossstadt – mit 3 “s”, wenn einem das “sz” fehlt. Kann mir das einer da draussen bestaetigen? ;-)

100px-Logo_Berliner_Verkehrsbetriebe_BVG.jpg Eigentlich wollte ich auch nur auf diesen amuesanten Artikel im Hauptstadtblog hinweisen. Wer kennt das nicht, man koennte sich Stunden damit beschaeftigen wie man nun am guenstigsten mit der von A nach B kommt – und hoffentlich wieder zurueck. In meinem Fall ist es meist mein Auto. :-)

Anyway, read on!


Anne already told you guys about the -17°C (1.4 °F) in Berlin today and here’s an interesting article (to follow-up) about the tracks of the breaking because of the cold. Woah! And the weather wizards expect at least -18°C tonight.

Supatopcheckerbunny präsentiert: Powerpoint Karaoke!

Aus meiner Email…

Hey Freaks!

Da bin ich wieder! Und zwar, um euch die erste Show aus den neuen Après Bunny Formaten vorzustellen! Und zwar nämlich das heitere “Powerpoint Karaoke”, gehosted von Holm Friebe und Martin Baaske! Termin wie immer am Mittwoch um 20 Uhr im nbi!

beautiful cold

209_0990_1.jpg 209_0991_1.jpg
209_0997_1.jpg 209_1000_1.jpg

I actually called my father today, asking him wether he recalls if I have ever experienced colder temperatures as this. He did not think so.
This morning it was – 17 degree Celcius.
I kind of like it though, when nature gets this extreme. And Berlin looks great in this weather ….

Berlin, last week

Sometimes you are inside, busy, and things outside happen never the less. Yes, indeed. So walking home from work on Wednesday night, I realized that snow had fallen – probably all day. Everything was covered, with lots and lots of snow.

Here are some impressions from the last couple of days…


Junction Bar

An oldy but goldy in former ’36. Located at Gneisenaustrasse (only a few steps from the Subway station). There’s Junction Bar and Junction Cafe, one with (live) music, DJ and dancefloor and the other being more the relaxed cafe-type place. You choose your poison, and will have a good time.


Is it just me, or is it really, really cold out there?

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