Berlin – Madrid

it has been quite a while ….
but i am back. here and in Berlin. We spent a short week in Madrid where we went to the ARCO art fair

which was very interesting and the parties around the event weren´t bad either.
But what made me suddenly question my living in Berlin was not the art nor the parties, but, you guessed it right, the weather. Oh what a difference. It was actually sunny EVERY SINGLE DAY. And warm enough to walk around without a coat. When I came back to cold and grey Berlin last Sunday I fell into a real Berlin depression, suddenly wondering why I was torturing myself by living in a city with a 6 month winter. Where I hardly earn any money and where the rents are not that cheap anymore.
But last night I reconciled myself with the city. We went to a gallery where a friend of ours (working in the same building as we are) exhibits. We went there with another couple that works as well in the same building then we do and who were at the ARCO in Madrid as well. We had great wine, good food and fun conversations at the gallery and went for drinks at Kumpelnest afterwards. Where we ended up dancing to really bad (and fun) music till 3 a.m. before we had a big, fat, spicy Doener and went home. Why does that make me feel happy to live here? Because I realized that I do have build a up a little network of people around me whom I really care for. And because going out on a Thursday night is no big deal and you do not need tons of cash to do so. And because I can drive from one part to the city to another without getting stuck in a traffic jam. Because once I go out and meet people the weather becomes really unimportant.
Anyway. Glad to be back.
let´s have one Madrid picture though …. blue sky ….

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