Shops and closing hours

I’ve ranted shared my opinion about the shop opening hours a few times and since Kaisers decided that not enough people came to spend money when the store is opening longer, they close at 9 PM instead of 10 PM. And who are we not to appreciate what they do for us?

Since then, 9 PM has been madness at the store.

There are (too) many people queing up, and I just waited almost 15 minutes in line because they just open one cashier. Imagine people paying with the debit – well, that’s another two minutes. Or if someone wants cigarettes, that’s another three – at least, an expensive bottle of liquor – well, she has to fetch a key for that and run all across the store. And while a single lady is busy billing everyone, the other Kaiser people just ignore the customers waiting and try to look busy.

Talking about supply and demand. Or how to make the customer pay for not coming right away. That’s just what we get, and that’s what they sell us as extended service.

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  1. Frede (unregistered) on June 28th, 2006 @ 12:06 am

    PLUS at alexanderplatz just changed its opening hours from 12pm to 10 pm and sundays are no longer open. a few days ago i just stared shocked at the sign with the new opening hours when i wanted to do a serious food shopping after a football game.

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