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The pickpocket-dog is spamming

Some people are smart. Some think they’re smarter.
A few of you might have seen the following video:

It appeared online at the end of April this year, supposedly being recorded by a web cam near Gendarmenmarkt in Berlin. As there is no web cam at that place, that video was obviously a funny fake. Was it?
More than that. It was an attempt in doing some viral marketing by spreading a series of videos and starting discussions about it. As it turned out, it all was part of some campaign for dog food of Pedigree. So far, nothing wrong, I think.

The land of the free

… is currently struggeling with the issue best described as Net Neutrality. To sum it all up: are blocking access to popular sites when they offer a competiting service themselves.

It wasn’t me!


William already noticed this new initiative by the infamous Rütli Schule. What strikes me though is a statement on the project’s website.

Can I have a replay?

Another great video over from Nachspielzeit (overtime). Shows last week’s football game, Germany vs. Poland. Where Germany won. ;-)

The Monsters Among Us

I’m a Frankensteins Monster. What about you? Hmm I see, you don’t know. Ghost? Werewolf or alien? Well, gladly I know someone who’ll find out for you. You’re even luckier than that: they’re also thriving to explain to you what it means to be a, and your type of monster.

Fear of emptyness Gob Squad, a performance group of extraordinary talent that you might heard of (since they’re partially based in Berlin and around since 12 years), will be performing Me the Monster today (24th of June) 19:00 at the Prater der Volksbühne at the Rosa-Luxemburg-Platz.

They put together a ride that, given you’re very empathic, can be as evocative as its possible for a performance to be, by re-exploring the spectrum of human emotions. Now that’s a great line isn’t it, but what does it mean you ask? I don’t want to spoil the fun for you, but I can assure you, you’ll laugh, you’ll be terrified, you’ll be a little sad, could be you’ll be afraid for a second, you’re certainly going to be confused and maybe even slightly embarrassed. Only one thing you’ll be not: regretting, that you’ve chosen to accept your monstrous self.

Watching the World Cup: Hausbar


Hausbar in the Rykestrasse clearly wins the TV screen battle for best decoration with this zebra look. It was funny to walk from Kollwitzplatz through Knaackstrasse and Rykestrasse and the sound of the TV’s in almost every bar or restaurant echoed out in the street.

We settled at the Hausbar to watch the first half of France : Togo. From the adjacent synagogue people came out after their shabbat prayers, to the left some swedish fans sat in the restaurant all facing the buiding wall, as a tv sat in one of the windows. Did I mention that I love having the world cup in germany?

MC Deutschland vs Adi Reichstag

How much money does it cost to buy yourself into the precinct?

Go Hardcore!

sm7.jpg getting a bit soft? Go hardcore with new a tee from Rütli Wear. The shirts bear the name of Berlin’s controversial Rütli school, located in Neukölln, which was the subject of a dust up in the media earlier this year when the faculty (those softies!) sent a letter to Berlin education senator, Klaus Böger asking for the school to be closed down due to an escalating level of violence. Böger’s response? Send in the cops to patrol the school hallways and clamp down on the proliferation of weapons as well as some social workers and school psychologists to patrol the kid’s minds. Welcome to the Jungle!

— via Haupstadt Blog

Ja, ich schwör!

Aber es ist doch Kunst

To go!

to go

Listen up, you Latte dudesbitches (Talking to myself again?). This is where it’s at. Seen in Friedrichshain, somewhere at Warschauer Strasse. If you can not wait!

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