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Worldcup @ An einem Sonntag im August

“An einem Sonntag im August” (On a Sunday in August), is a lovely place to waste your entire day. Especially if you are resident to the Prenzlauer Berg.

The cafe is located almost at Eberswalder Strasse – when you walk into Casting-Allee Kastanienallee, it’s on your left.

I discovered this place in 2001 when I came to Berlin and worked for a company right around the corner and it would probably be one of my favorite spots if I lived in Prenzlauer Berg. Unlike in the many hip cafes and bars the folks here are friendly, they serve good coffee and currently offer a TV to watch the worldcup – what more could you ask for?




Even Superman supported us last night and changed into a another dress to show some German pride.

Worldcup @ Prater

I watched the first half of the game Germany-Portugal at the Prater beergarden in Prenzlauer Berg.

DSC06461 DSC06459
DSC06458 DSC06464

We are third!

People forming a spontaneus parade on the street. Ole, ole, ole!

A resume

Tonight will be the last game for Germany and tomorrow night the Worldcup will be over.

If you do not pay attention to games you probably still noticed the deflagging lately! At least since I got back to city from a short trip, there are way, way less flagged cars driving around – maybe that is due to our defeat? I guess there’s a link.

But anyway, I am just glad that Holland and Argentina went home first – HA! ;-)

No, that was not exactly the point I am trying here – what is way more important than all the football, is that no one mentioned no-go-areas for almost four weeks.
Anyone remember the politicians labeling East Germany as a Nazi ridden zone just eight weeks ago?

Well, I am so glad that Germany presented itself to the world as a great host and that violence was rather an exception to the rule. So many different people, all came party and had a great time. “Die Welt zu Gast bei Freunden” – “The world visiting friends”, what was coined as a rather über-inventive marketing slogan became reality.

Interessiert mich nicht

Lisi feat. She-Raw

Mellow Yellow

yellow_press.jpgCraving photos of long legged amazons in compromising positions? You might want head on over to the Helmut Newton Foundation / Museum of Photography and check out their current ‘Yellow Press’ exhibition. With photos taken by Newton for stories in Paris Match and other magazines along with other film noir gestures, the exhibition speaks of the blurry border between fiction and documentary. Also of interest is Vera Lehndorff’s series of fictional autobiographical works – where her character Veruschka (the world’s first supermodel) explodes herself into a multiplicity of exotic characters. Like all of the freaks at Zoo Station in one person!

Seen on the streets of Berlin

The perfect shirt for grumpy germans who can’t get over the lost semi-finale.aggroschland.jpg

Miss Sixty

Miss Sixty

Anti Climax

apparently the WM hasn’t seen the flood of forced prostitution which had been predicted by alarmists. Shrill warnings leading up to the month long event predicted some 40,000 sex workers invading Germany and a corresponding increase in the number of women brought into the country and forced to work as prostitutes by traffickers.

“Before the World Cup there were rumors circulating about a large rush of prostitutes,” Cologne city spokesman Jürgen Müllenberg said. “But neither legal nor illegal prostitution has significantly risen.”

In fact some disappointed sex workers have complained that the WM fans seem to have neither the time nor the funds to spend on their services. Despite the fact that the feared invasion did not occur many feel that the increased attention brought to the plight of the trafficking victims and the efforts to educate the customers of sex workers will nonetheless have positive results in the long term. Play On!

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