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why did the sunflower cross the road?



By klara.kristina

cats and dogs


Doing some housekeeping on the memory stick, I discovered some pictures from Friday when I got into this monsoon like rain when I visited my grandparents in Tegel. What started out like a small rain shower, turned into hail pelting against everything and then it wouldn’t stop to rain for two hours at least.

What I didn’t realize on Friday, but only saw on the news the next day was that it indeed flooded basements, kept streets under water until even today (Sunday) and so on. Amazing. And if you look close on the picture, you can literally see the water falling from the sky.


bildungspartei.gif Reading Alex’s post about Berlin & Bildung (education) the other day, I found it more than amusing when I read today that there is a party dedicated to education running in the elections in Berlin.

They call themselves Bildungspartei, education party. And I am wondering what if they would actually win would they be really able to do with the other issues (finances, environment, economy, …) at hand when they only resort to education. I read the short version of their manifesto (PDF, in Germany) and two thirds revolve around the education topic (from kindergarden (Kita) to univerities), so I am curious.

Way to spend Saturday

You can start off the day at Cafe Mir in Kreuzberg, Görlitzer Straße. The cafe is located right outside the park (Görlitzer Park), you can take a seat outside or inside – depending on the weather. Breakfast is yummy and served until 4 PM (Yay!). They got free Wifi and the coffee is really, really good!

On a fine Saturday, you can then continue to go to the park, eventually you will (of course) pass through it and get to Wiener Straße. Then walk up to the bar Wiener Blut to watch the Saturday football games live on TV. The bar is alright. Beer is cheap, and if you watch the conference of games, the people are usually in good mood. So have a couple beers, share some interesting thoughts about football and enjoy yourself, while you can.

After the games are over, you can grab something to eat at Spätzle Express (, anyone?), right next door. Even though we all know that establishing the basis for drinking after you had the drink(s) does not work, you can still try to make up for those two beers who made you feel all strange. The bottom line, the food is made fresh and the prices are more than ok (around € 3.50-5.00).

You are now happy, well-fed and maybe still a bit drunk. Well, go home, get some sleep and watch a movie.

GalaoShots 2006 Short Film Festival


If you don’t know yet what to do tonight, check out GalaoShots. 15 films will be screened at for the public and a team of specially selected judges. Music and food will be offered throughout the evening, entrance is free, so everyone is invited…

start time: 7:00 p.m.

party on!

if you find yourself really hard up for something to do Saturday afternoon and can’t wait for the Long Night of the Museums or the Magistrale Kulturnacht consider heading over to Invaliden Strasse where the Ministry of Economy and Technology is hosting its annual Open Door Day. Bundesminister Glos gets the party started at 14:30 … or not…

@ Elections, 2006

All those ugly people. I wonder who took those photographs (I’m not talking about you Till). Those women and men remind me of the Bodysnatchers (1 | 2 | 3) some of them even look like Zombies. By the way, the much more interesting Elections, at least they’ve got one not only living but INDEPENDENT candidate, will be in Texas this Fall.


Kinky Friedman

make it real

make it real

Magistrale Kulturnacht

It’s Saturday September 2nd and you don’t know what to do?
I know that won’t happen as everybody is always busy in Berlin especially on a Saturday, anyway, this year will see the 4th anniversary of the Magistrale Kulturnacht at Potsdamer Str. There is too much happening to mention every single event there, just have a look at the Program. As I’m personally involved I’d especially like to advert the Medialounge 78 at, guess what, Potsdamer Str.78. There’ll be art of all facettes, painting, poetry, theatre, videoinstallations, texteditorartists, live internetradio etc. … and last but not least the famous TriggerKicker.

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