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Elections, 2006

Here’s a random sampling of billboards and posters for the upcoming election in Berlin.

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Journey to the End of Night

this Saturday is the 20th “Long Night of the Museums” – over one hundred museums open their doors between 18:00 and 02:00 Sunday morning. The festivities start with an opening speech by Wowi in front of the Rotes Rathaus, afterwards participants can trek to the museums by foot or take advantage of special shuttle buses. This year’s theme is the joy and frustration of collecting and the museums will share their experiences with this most human of manias. New participating museums this year include the project NS-Forced Labour Berlin-Schöneweide (finally!) and our special favorite – the Gas Street Lamp Open-Air Museum! Tickets (12 € / 8 €) and programs are available at any of the participating museums.

Berlin und die Bildung

Wirbt nicht gerade irgendeine Partei im Berliner Abgeordnetenhauswahlkampf damit, daß Berlin am meisten in die Bildung der Bürger investiert? Der aktuelle Bildungsmonitor sagt da was anderes:

Zu arm, um gut zu sein: Dies ist, knapp gesagt, das Berliner Ergebnis des aktuellen „Bildungsmonitors” der Initiative Neue Soziale Marktwirtschaft. Demnach landet Berlin auf dem drittletzten Platz – nur vor Bremen und Nordrhein-Westfalen -, weil es aufgrund seiner Haushaltslage nicht genug in Kitas, Schulen und Hochschulen investieren kann. Der Ländervergleich, der gestern vorgestellt wurde, beruht auf Daten von 2003 und 2004. Vergangenes Jahr belegte Berlin Platz elf.

Vielleicht hätte da die betreffende Partei bzw. deren Werbeagentur bischen mehr über Dichtung und Wahrheit lesen sollen.

dropping knowledge

droppingknowledge Kopie

“On September 9, 2006, 112 of the world’s great minds will come together around the world’s largest round table at Berlin’s historic Bebelplatz square. Recorded by 112 digital cameras, they will simultaneously answer 100 questions chosen out of thousands donated by the global public. The resulting 600+ hours of audiovisual content will launch an unprecedented online resource: a knowledge portal and dialog forum created to host a global conversation covering the most pressing questions of our time.”

For more information about this exciting project or to donate your own question, take a look here.

August, 31st

March, 26th during his last Tour Nikki Sudden died in New York.
July, 19th would have been his 50th Birthday.
He wrote hundreds of songs and published 20 Records inter alia with his bands Swell Maps and Jacobites. Until he died he lived in Berlin. Friends and Colleagues will remind him and play his songs.
Thursday 31st of August
Roter Salon

Street Art


i love it. isn’t it a great privilege to live in an area, where you find art at any corner? Have a look here and you’ll see, what i mean…

Prenzlauer Berg on a Saturday

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Kosche in Kreuzberg

moblog I spotted this poster the other day – it portrays Heidi Kosche who wants to win a direct “win” a direct ticket for seat at the Berlin parliament in the upcoming elections.

Direct means that if you gain the majority and a certain percentage of all votes, you are send to the parliament directly, whereas if you only win with a certain lead over your competitors, you are send in order of the party’s list of candidates. If I understood correctly.

Anyhow, this morning I read at the paper at the corner of my most favorite cafe and spotted what I think was her hanging up posters for the upcoming elections. So I asked if it was really her hanging up her own posters, and she briefly came over and briefly explained what she was after in the election. And who would have thought, she’s against the privatization of drinking water – and if that is not a Green topic, what is?

She explained that the drinking water for some people in her district turns out to be really bad.

And it’s not like I have ever noticed sand (!) when I turn on the water, but some people have. She said that she once experienced a rather strange situation in London visiting her daughter (who studied there during the 80’s). She saw people begging for drinking water, and thinking about the bad quality the drinking water apperently has some people, she did not want the same situation to happen in Berlin.

Which even enraged her so much, that she got visually into politics. Visually means that she helped and supported Ströbele before, and actually did not want to run for an office herself.

Anyway. Most interesting part for me this morning is that she even helped put up her own posters. From my own personal experience I know that rarely the candidates get around to doing this – maybe for a press photoshoot, but not really otherwise.

Which is of course not meant as argument to vote for her, after all she is still running for the Greens! ;-)

Pyros go to Pyronale


Date: 1st-2nd September, 2006
Location: Olympiastadium, Berlin

The website states that grandstand tickets are already sold out (includes seat) – regular tickets are still available though. Regular tickets are priced at 10 EUR per day.

Tanz im August


The “Dance in August” festival effectively starts today. Check the schedule and locations, tickets for the festival cost 105 EUR (reduced 60 EUR) and are valid for the entire festival and for each performance.

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