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A little broke

Do you sometimes feel a little broke towards the end of the month? To go to a party, or to not go – eat out or eat at home, buy that album or download it … well forget that!

Whatever your situation is, even if you overcharged the bank account or that credit card, you are probably not 60 Billion € in the reds. But so is Berlin. And Berlin’s request lawsuit for additional support from the federal states just got denied (No one got any cash left – how do you give what you don’t have to someone else?). Berlin’s objective for the coming years is once again to save and save and save.

Hey, and maybe next time even Adidas has to actually pay for a football stadium in the middle of the city. Who knows?!

Read the press release here (in German):

The Crates “Boarding Special” @ Acud


Die ersten 100 Gäste erhalten ein Fosters umsonst…
Ab 24:00 uhr viewing des neuen Voelkl Team Videos “Family Business”…

Die Djs des Abends heissen:

  • Phanatic (soundboarding)
  • Teroe (crates)
  • Mick (spokenview records)

Veteranestrasse 21, Berlin-Mitte
Einlass ab 23:00 Uhr
ladys for free before 0:30
alle anderen 5 € (mit flyer 4 €)

Old museum, candy-coloured

Altes Museum in bunt I

The festival of lights is in town until October 29th, so watch out for Berlin glowing at night.

billboards in the city


The billboards you spot around town on old buildings, construction sites, roads and wherever else space is available for rent, clearly suggest that Berlin is an El Dorado for outdoor advertising. In place of the nokia one – just last week (when I did not have my camera with me) – a pretty fancy billboard for itunes or the ipod – some appleish thing…

Spit Knowledge Spit Truth

In times like these in which everyone is forcing his voice to be public, just like I am doing here, it happens rather regularly to find them in open spaces. For someone who is used to personal attacks as soon as something goes wrong, I’m amused by the corporate-body-type-of message found on a bank machine at the Torstrasse:

Ihr dämlicher Automat hat verrückt gespielt, und meine gültige Karte geschluckt, was soll das?! Reparieren sie das 'Scheissding', und Karte wieder her!
Your stupid machine went nuts, and swallowed my valid card, what’s up with that?! Repair the “goddamn thing” and gimme my card back!

But please, can somebody help me to understand this message in heavy dialect?

At least nuclear-power I don’t like either.

Power outage

vattenfall.gif Getting to the office this morning I noticed the AC and some servers acting a bit weird – or rather not at all. So it turned out another power outage happened in over the weekend.

Briefly browsing through the news, I did not find anything but apparently 1,500 homes were without electricity for a short period of time. Did anyone one else out there take notice?

And big up to Vattenfall for quality of service…

Unter den Linden has never been this hot!

Those Palmers Girls at Bebelplatz!

Free concert: My Chemical Romance

My Chemical Romance are in Berlin to give a free (and oh so secret) concert tonight at E-Werk.


The doors open at 8, but since it’s free, it might make sense to be there a bit earlier.

Mauerstraße 78, 10117 Berlin

ZOMG Metroblogging Berlin Meetup

Just right before my departure, the spontaneous social spasms so common in this city have struck again: five authors of our current line-up have met up at the White Trash to have some beer (or lemonade – ok, a burger was in there too, somewhere):

'The Crew'
From left to right: Me, Dominic, Till, Max and William.

Lots of thoughts were shared, new ideas verbalised and plans made. More or less. So watch out for some new article series soon!

Berlin Girl… #3

Bild 038

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