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CinemaNegro, Revisited

Die Idee ist einfach :

In Brasilien wurde die Sklaverei vor 118 Jahren gesetzlich abgeschafft. Dennoch hält das soziale Ungleichgewicht zwischen der schwarzen und weißen Bevölkerung Brasiliens bis heute an. Diese Realität wird in den Film- und insbesondere der Fernsehgeschichte (den “telenovelas”) nicht als Problem dargestellt, sondern der “Schwarze” repräsentiert hier oft den “Bösen”, den Banditen oder Hausangestellten. Bis heute beherrschen Stereotypen des “Schwarzen” die telenovelas, während sich das Bild der Afro-Brasilianer im Kino der letzten Jahren schon stark verändert hat.”




It took a little over a year since we reported on it, but on 21st January, 2007 will be a referendum on renaming parts of Kochstraße (along the building) into -Straße.

Eligible to take part in this referendum are all Friedrichshainians and Kreuzbergians of legal age!

Rice bag fallen over …

… or in other words: Bread Butter stays in Berlin.

I blogged about it in October, Bread Butter wanted to leave the city and focus on the business in Spain. This morning however, I read that certain labels had talked Bread Butter into staying and it looks as if the already cancelled show in January, 2007 (26th-28th) will take place.

Via meinberlin (Einige der Kommentare sind extrem witzig. ;-))

Es gibt Laender, wo was los ist…

und es gibt Brandenburg.

Rainald Grebe und Die Kapelle der Versoehnung morgen und uebermorgen live in Berlin im Tipi. Unbedingt hingehen!

Naked Woman

Naked Woman

seen in Tor/Ackerstrasse. in Mitte, of course…

slip it in!

Validierungsmaschine Porn

Brasilianische Filmwoche in Berlin


Klosenthaler Platz – Addition

The illuminated Nike super-size print ad showing german striker star Miroslav Klose at Rosenthaler Platz in Berlin Mitte. While I shot the vid, I realized that the “light effects” are teething troubles… but it looks eather way quite good.

A social network Imagine thatRead this: According to a press release by the Berlin police, 80 and up to a 100 people tried to keep the police from arresting two 12 year olds in Kreuzberg.

The punks kids had previously beat up another kid and tried to steal his mp3 player. Then the police tried to take them in, but the crowd appeared and tried to force the police to let them go.

This puts a whole new definition into the term “social network”.

On a Tuesday night

I went out for dinner with some people from last night. We went over to some Italian place (can’t remember the name, but there is only one) at Ackerstraße. The was pretty Italian (pizza, pasta, starters and so on) and also pretty good, but alas the prices were also pretty Mitte-like.

So anyway, we had some food and drinks, and then went from there for just one beer on the way to the subway. The place was a Mexican cantina at , and of course one beer turned into a couple more and led to an exciting journey home – powered by .

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