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moleskine_1927_573933.gif I discovered Moleskine a couple years ago for myself when I travelled a bit more than lately (Talking about resolutions for 2007!) and someone gave me one as a present to take notes while I was on the road. I still have mine and it’s fun to read what I deemed interesting a while back or what I collected in the back pocket.

But what makes this Moleskine thing cooler than your average notepad is that cool people like my most favorite writer or the artists and used them as well.

Last but not least – to make this post Berlin related – is a note that Moleskine will come out with a city edition of their notebooks in 2007, and Berlin is in the game. Included in this specialty is a map of the city, zooms, blank pages (to takes notes!) and so on. I just saw it online but it looks pretty cool to have. Not just for the Berlin visitor but also for the Berliner.

Along with Berlin, Moleskine will release guides for Boston, New York, San Francisco, Washington, Amsterdam, Barcelona, Dublin, Lisbon, London, Madrid, Milan, Paris, Prague, Rome and Wien. And Chicago, Los Angeles, Montreal and Seattle in late 2007.

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23C3 Streaming

23c3-logo.png Just by the way, if you happen to not be in the city for the anual CCC convention – or if you don’t feel like paying for it and not qualify for a ALG-II-ticket (har har), the event is made available through a lot of video streams (in different formats).

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Nokia’s New Year’s Eve

If you happen to be in Berlin on NYE but you haven’t made any plans yet, you could check out Nokia’s New Year’s Eve and see Scissor Sisters (Who is that?!) live at the in the middle of .

Nokia’s event will be co-hosted in , , and .


I should get this out before I get pwn3d (just like these guys): today the 23C3 started. Effectively that means a lot of nerds (all kinds) gathering at the Berliner Congress Center near Alexanderplatz, sharing the wonders of nocturnal life and worshipping caffeine.

Photo by Jake Appelbaum

The 23C3 is the 23rd iteration of the Chaos Communication Congress, an annual event organised by the Chaos Computer Club. Quite likely the biggest meetup of the European hacker-scene – not exclusively so though, there’s far too much notworthy international crowd to be listed here.

Don’t get me started on the talks and workshops.

So, to those that consider themselves technically enthusiastic that aren’t around yet, throw away your shy nature and join us. As you can see, the hackcenter is privacy compatible, and you’re guaranteed no sunlight.

Don’t forget to secure your machine(s) first :)


Recently Aukland appeared on the Metroblogging map, so make sure you head over and check out what’s going on over there down under in New Zealand. Or if you are not in the mood for surfing, you could also dig a hole from Berlin to … well, close to New Zealand. ;-)

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Happy holidays …

… from all of us at Metroblogging Berlin.

Thanks for keeping up with us so far!

Alex, Dominic, Maxe, Metecem, Tom, William & Till

Need a good laugh?

Real life spam

Leicht verdientes Geld
Seen in the very touristy center (Berlin-Mitte) of Berlin,
where lately a lot of fake streetart and all other kinds
of real life spam seem to take over…

Final Christmas Gift Tips

Dig a hole

When you dig a hole from Berlin to the other side of the earth, here is what you would end up…

That is right – in the middle of nowhere, in the frigging water… Good thing I checked first and didn’t start digging right away!

Thanks to Buzz

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The Penis Crew Strikes Again!

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