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Neue QM

just to remind all the card carrying intelligentsia out there – prize winning bookstore PRO QM is moving to new digs around the corner from their familiar shop at Alte Schönhauser Straße 48. The new address is Almstadtstraße 48-50 and opening celebrations will take place this sunday the fourth of february beginning at 18:00. Party with the smart set as you swap witty banter regarding “Stadt, Politik, Pop, Ökonomiekritik, Architektur, Design, Kunst & Theorie”. Before the end of the evening you’ll most certainly be feeling uninformed and hopelessly out of the intellectual loop – so the next morning make sure to head down to their big sale in the old shop. See you there eggheads!

Oxymoron Of The Day

B.Z.-Kulturpreis – selten so gelacht. Da verbinden sich zwei der überhaupt größten Gegensätze (wo gibt): die B.Z. (absolute Qualitätsjournalie) und Kultur.

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Middleearth to be in Potsdam

lotr_potsdam.jpg Starting the 1st February until the end of April (29th April, 2007), will host exclusively the “Lord of Rings” exhibition in Germany.

The travelling exhibition is already on its 6th stop around the world and is organized by “Te Papa Tongarewao Museum” (Newsealand), in cooperation with (the producers of “Lord of the Rings”).

The exhibition features around 500 items – for example the ring – and has been seen by 1.2 million visitors already. According to Potsdam-Babelsberg the exhibition will also include items which have been previously not shown on any of the other stops – for example a white Gandalf and a couple others.

The exhibition will open every day from 10 AM to 8 PM, admission costs €12.00 (reduced €10.00, other discounts available). If you need to order tickets or get more information, please follow this link.

Via Radio

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(Picture probably courtesy of New Line Cinema or Filmpark Babelsberg. All trademarks belong to who they belong to. ;-))

art and snow

I went to the opening of the Folkert DE JONG show at Peres Projects on Saturday night. I really liked the show, the sculptures are incredible!
In my opinion Peres Projects (located in L.A. as well as in Berlin) is one of the best galleries in Berlin at the moment: good, daring shows, fun openings, it brings a breath of fresh air in the sometimes rather boring and often very rigid Berlin art scene.
Go and see the show!

Something else entirely: yes, it did snow in Berlin, nothing of the white beauty is left right now, except some disgusting muddy slush. A picture to prove it really did snow!


2raumwohnung in concert for free

Due to the release of their new album “36grad”, 2raumwohnung are going to give a free concert (brought to us by O², yay) on February 2nd at 8 pm at Spindler&Klatt.

As it is free, as in “free”, I urge you to come real early (or send your boy/girlfriend in advance) and wait in the cold with probably hundreds of others, as (of course) only a limited number of people gets in. ;)

Address: Köpenickerstraße 16-17, 10997 Berlin

Bomb explodes in Islamabad

To keep an eye on the situation, follow these links to our sister blog in Islamabad.

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Moin Moin!




I know, I know what you are thinking, “so what the fuck?”. I know, but ain’t the little motherf*cker cute as hell? The paper said that this is the first icebear to be born in Berlin’s zoo in 33 years. Big up and congrats to them.

Pictures courtesy of Zoo Berlin

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Last tuesday was one of the last openings at Fotoshop at their tiny location in the Invalidenstrasse 1. Apparently they found a new location to go on with their exhibitions/events, but it will never be the same again …

The pictures are from different openings last year.


Wind chill


This is to everyone raving about the winter and coldness, or the lack of – this is what we get. I left the city for five days – this morning I had snow, literally chaos on the roads – and now I am sitting at home, shifted the heating in extra turbo gear, but after four hours it’s still so fucking cold I can not stand it. Even though there’s no snow (surprise, surprise!), the cold came back for sure.

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