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guns for hire

We all know that demonstrations are a very Berlinish thing, so if you ever wanted to bring your point accross and mobilize a lot of folks, here’s your chance.

Single in Berlin

“Sex ist total überbewertet”

Next stop, Central Station

You know, you have to love all the fuss about Berlin’s central station. So much anticipation, so much money, the architecture – woah. Supposedly they wanted to create great railway station, an example for effeciency, design and so on – now all that’s left after a week of storm is mockery and scorn because someone allegedly forgot to attach 40 tones of steal to the building.

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Is Berlin a metropolis?

Tesja is wondering and working on her degree dissertation for psychology at Humboldt University of Berlin and needs our help:
If you live in Berlin for at least one year and are 20 years of age or older, she would be happy if you’d help and take the survey.

She promised to let us know about the results, and actually, I’m very eager to find out, if Berlin is a metropolis or not!

Kyrill on the autobahn

“Lost in Mitte”

A Berlin Statement


state of emergency

070118traeger_ddp_17x17.jpg Because of a wind called Kyrill which is raving around Europe, the State of Emergency was announcement by the local firedepartment of Berlin just a couple of minutes ago. So if you are still outside, you better get home. And even though in other cities/countries you would go looting now, please refrain from doing that here. ;-)

Kreuzberg is doing fine, I seem to be a wind-free zone. Other people have no electricity and so on. So let’s keep all fingers crossed and I hope everyone is save out there.

Update: (00:40 AM)

  • Berlin’s brand new central station had to be evacuated because of two loose steel girder.
  • Teltow (south of Berlin) is being flooded.
  • Many people without power.
  • Fire deparment: 500+ operations due to the weather.
  • All flights cancelled on all Berlin airports.

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Latest Cognitions

Bild 047

It seems to me…

…Burberry is out

A monthly pass

bvg.logo.gif So I’ve been buying my monthly BVG pass which includes unlimited rides on subway, bus and tram in the zones A and B for Berlin. And I am sure if it’s not just me, but I bet most of you BVG-riding folks had this “how many times do I need to take the subway to make it pay off”-thing going as well.

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