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I absolutely love browsing around Flickr for streetart. And if you followed our blog, you know there’s a bunch of us who are into it.

I got so many on my watchlist that picture feeds easily outweigh blogs. And we’re always looking for more talent. If you have a lot to share, come out of the closet and make sure to join up for our Flickr pool and add them.

We’ll post them here.

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Berlin Bear

Bild 182

Berlin Street Art Canvas – Day Zero

Street Art Canvas - 28 Feb 07 - 13:00

I took this pic today. Now let’s see, how long this wall will be perfectly white…

Loveparade, 2007


According to

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Excuse me while I bore you with another Fotoshop post, but last Friday night the legendary Dr Motte played a two hour set in the window of this tiny weird place. Honestly when I got the invitation i was a bit skeptical, thinking it might be a joke to attract more people. But it wasn´t.
Needless to say it was really great, and a bit weird too.

After that Wohnzimmer on Helmholtzplatz felt really boring.

And the at 3:30 a.m. I saw for the first time a car chase in Prenzlauer Berg. A police car chasing another car though the Lychenerstrasse at a speed that should only be driven on a (German) highway. That was pretty scary. I wonder how that one ended.
Another not so pleasant thing was the “anti – moschee” demo by the NPD I saw on Saturday. Fortunately the police hugely outnumbered the demonstrators and it all looked a bit ridiculous.



Dr Motte in Fotoshop


Micha in Wohnzimmer

Kalle geht wählen

Kalle aka .
Einjeschickt von phazer.


Roland Heinrich & Gunter Gabriel at the Lido

Tonite!! Tonite!! Tonite!!

Hillbilly Babylon presents:
Roland Heinrich & Gunter Gabriel legends of German Country Music


Today, we got cold temporate rocking the hizzy, featuring his girl rainy rain and cloudy on the decks. Admission is free in all of Berlin.




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Enough is enough!! Free smoke, for free citizens.

I consider myself as a quite tolerant person (my girlfriend normally does not agree with me on this issue). If somebody does not want to smoke, why not; nobody forces him/her to do it. No smoking in public places like planes, trains, administration offices… that is o.k. for me. I even stopped smoking in my office because my colleague felt somehow molested. But you give those nonsmoking bastards an inch and they will take a mile. I am really fed up with this discussion about prohibiting smoking in bars and restaurants. This is supposed to be a free country.

At least it was as far as I can remember (from time to time I am losing my faith in this axiom). We overcame the Nazis’ dictatorship (with a lot of help from the Americans, Russians, British and even the French). We overcame the dictatorship of the proletariat (with a lot of help from a Russian guy). Now we are threatened by the dictatorship of the non-smokers. Who’s gonna help us this time? I guess we should not count that much on Cuba. The Irish, the Spanish, the Italians suffer under the same repression yet.

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