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colors of berlin

inspired by max mey – here are a few books on my shelves. Can you say ‘obsessive compulsive’ ?


Long absence due to preparing an exhibition … I could have been anywhere and I didn´t notice anything going on in this city.
But what i did notice is the change of light and the hope it carries that spring might be around the corner.
And i noticed those facade things that are supposed to make those formerly drab brownish grey buildings look a bit more friendly. One might question the taste of such improvements, but honestly, they made me laugh and somehow they work. (I wonder how this will look after a couple of Berlin winters, but hey, let´s not be like that)


Graffiti never dies

The video works only on YouTube:

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I took this picture from pixelroiber’s flickr collection. Pretty good shot, the Benz. Absolutely love that car, if you can – or should – use love and car in the same sentence. And it just screams rich.

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I am a jelly-donut!

When people come to Berlin, you are naturally stuck with site seeing and one of the questions which always pops up is, “Did he () really say, I am a jelly-donut?”.

No, silly. He did not.

In fact, “Ich bin ein Berliner”, which sounds more like, “Ik bihn eyn Berlinr” when you are American – despite the obvious heavy accent – means “I am a citizen of Berlin”.
John F. Kennedy could have probably just said that, but by using German he emphasized his relation to the city of Berlin and its peculiar situation – the East-West devision by the Berlin wall and the city being around by East-Germany.

So much for an urban legend which is just wrong.

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La Scala

Sometimes it feels like a decent Italian places is hard to find in Mitte. At least judging from my last post on the subject where some people explicitly told me that I should not go there – so what are other good Italian places in Mitte?

And by Italian, I don’t mean Pizza places, like where you can’t sit or the food is more fast than anything else. Well, you know. The real deal, the wine, the the antipasta and so on. For myself – if there are no objections, I seem to have discovered the perfect place. It’s call La Scala, it’s on Rosenthaler Strasse.

The place is pretty posh, so yeah. But the menu is awesome. I showed up late for the meeting, and without asking he got me some great antipasta. As I said, the menu is really awesome. Everything looked very delicious and the people were pretty nice too. You know, not so sleazy, but still nice.

So if you are looking for nice play, go around and see for yourself. It’s pretty empty – maybe that was just the day of the week. So a reservation is not yet needed.

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Weise Chinesen

An meinem Kontoauszugsdrucker stehend, fällt mein Blick auf den Boden und entdeckt einen weissen Papierstreifen, wie man ihn aus Glückskeksen kennt. Nach langem hinauszögern hob ich ihn entgegen meines eigentlichen Vorhabens doch auf. Und mit Blick auf meinen Kontostand kann ich nur genervt erwidern: Es bleibt einem ja manchmal auch nichts anderes übrig!

Bild 161

Berlin Girl #9

Berlin by numbers

Maybe some of you are familiar with maybe the not so latest, but still hype which is geo tagging, geo location, and so on.
Berlin based Plazes is probably one of the pioneers on this, then there is Pointoo and of course countless other startups adding location based services to your life.

And now here’s an interesting project called BBNO – Berlin By Numbers. The author inventor of BBNO, Kim Booth, send us this suggestion.

3_tourists_at _victory_column_256x341 The way it works is that, BBNO makes a free English guide to Berlin available on your mobile phone. Anyone with a data plan can access and edit it. It’s kinda like the Hitchhiker’s Guide to Berlin (Kim adds, Sorry Douglas) with a Babelfish thrown in for good measure. The website also uses Wikipedia entries on Berlin in Japanese, Russian and so on. More information can be found on

Looks pretty useful overall, unfortunately my phone is borked and I couldn’t try it. Which -hint, hint- is why I like Plazes because it has this SMS interface which is quite useful if you don’t have the latest hype mobil phone. But if you have one and give it a go, feel free to leave some feedback in the comments.

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