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Kung Hei Fat Choi!*

Matching with the Chinese New Year the Chinese Movie “Tuya’s Marriagewon the top award of the Berlinale, the Goldener Bär. Let’s celebrate this with eating lots of long noodles for a long life, for example here or there!

*”Congratulations and be prosperous” is the translation Wikipedia gives for the traditional Cantonese New Years greetings.

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Kuck Hear

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Inspired by Banksy?

Savage Nation Shop in Mulackstrasse
(or was it Steinstrasse? Can’t remember…)

Banksy “Girl Loving The Bomb”
how i learned to stop...loving the bomb
Photo taken by xina@USC

Berlin Girl #8

Where Is It At? #3

Where Is It At?

It’s not that difficult this time, isn’t it?

Köpenick, an der Spree

This one was taken by Milchmaedchen in Berlin, Köpenick,
right beside the water with a selfmade pinhole camera.

Feiern mit Volker!

Eure Party kommt nicht in Gang? Beim Galadiner langweilen sich Eure Gäste? Bei der letzten Betriebsfeier war die Stimmung auf dem Nullpunkt? Macht Nix! Denn jetzt gibt’s Abhilfe!
gefunden – na wo wohl – in der BZ

Od-ICC 2007

ICC Berlin - Empfang
Before I moved to Berlin I came here a few times to job at trade fairs. So my first impression of Berlin was the Kubrick-style ICC that amazed me over and over again. It is colossal, it is spacy, it is futuristic and it is full of asbestos.
An extensive and expensive refurbishment is necessary and of course various parties are fighting grimly about what to do: renovation or demolition of one of the biggest convention centers of the world? About a year ago the demolition was very likely, in the meantime the exhibition corporation favoured to build a new center in place of the Deutschlandhalle and alternative utilizations of the ICC premises were diskussed, now many politicians of the SPD, Grüne and CDU agitate for the preservation of the ICC building and it was announced that the senate will decide about it by the end of April the latest. The decision is long overdue, the to and fro over its future became like an odysee in space for the starshiplike center.


IMGA0108 IMGA0110
IMGA0107 IMGA0109

Straying around Friedrichshain last Sunday. Also notice the snow? It was gone again the next day! Which gets you thinking about the all so sudden changes in climate.

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Talking Trash

Talking Trash

Weiss nicht, warum er mir das sagt, aber zumindest siezt er mich…

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