Aka Aki

Web 2.0 typically revolves are social networking in the digital world, few take it back here to meatspace and enable you to connect here.

Aka Aki is one of them attempting just that – a Java-based application that (hopefully) runs on your mobile and scans for people within your vicinity.

Of course people have to be subscribed to the service in the first place. But once they are you see profiles and pla(c,z)es where they are currently at which in theory allows you to of course lurk or – even better – meet up with them.

Now people will say – OH MY GOD THEY KNOW WHERE YOU LIVE THEN. True and not true (yes, both). Aka Aki claims that they do not know that part, or at least not track your whereabouts. Which is also why they see themselves as a proximity-based service as opposed to a location-based service such as and pointoo.

But even if you call it proximity you have know where people are at in order track and match the whereabouts of those in the proximity to the location. Which is why I am not sure how much of it is true, since I haven’t read their terms of service or signed up.

Still, I am not so much concerned that someone knows where I am – hell, there are a couple dozen cameras already around town and then I am using Plazes already. The reasons are that a) my mobile craps out too often to be (over)loaded with more software and b) I don’t have a data plan.

Still an interesting thing, I’d probably give a shot if it wasn’t for the above reasons.

Last but not least it’s interesting to see that became a Mecca for – excuse me – location based services (and those which claim to be something else, of course).

A story suggestion by Gabriel – thanks a lot.

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