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Thursday night in Berlin

I did not make it to the huge gallery weekend opening last night.
The reason for that is that I went out on thursday.
To the Dutch embassy first, where, in good dutch tradition, we had to queue before being let in (too much security, as usual, does not make me feel very safe) , then once inside with a glass of champagne in the hand we had to queue again to get something to eat (herring, in good dutch tradition, unfortunately, not very good), and then there was Dutch cheese and french fries with mayonnaise and Dutch beer (the cause of my huge headache yesterday). The architecture of Rem Koolhaas clashed weirdly with this very traditional “Koniginnendag” (Dutch national holiday) celebration and the Dutch ambassador looked and talked like someone from a different century, no, millenium. Needless to say, we did not stay very long. The view from the Embassy is nice though.
Then, on to the new Fotoshop in the Brunnenstrasse 11: big, white three room location, and the new ambition to become something like a real gallery. therefor the new opening hours and the policy of no noise (as the place is in a normal apartment house). the no noise policy was broken immediately by the fabulous music performance from Allroh, that left me speechless.

Dutch embassy pictures:

Allroh at Fotoshop:

Style of the Streets

If you are into streetfashion and love magazines like FRUiTS, websites like Hel Looks, Flickr groups such as this or that, you should definitly check out Stil in Berlin. Here you find pictures of people that are dressed stylish (in the opinion of the authors of that blog) or funny (in the opinion of the moderator Holgi of the radio show Trackback, where they were interviewed last week – right before me actually, to make some selfpromotion ;) ). They even have an exhibition here in Berlin at the Postfuhramt. Have a look and form your own opinion or let them take a photo of your style!

April 20 – May 8, 2007
Tue-Sun 11-18 hours

CREATE Berlin Showroom
Postfuhramt Berlin
Oranienburger Str. 35-36
10117 Berlin

Special Olympics


On Flickr I saw this fantastic photoset by Jonas K of the Olympic Village in Elstal / Dallgow-Döberitz just a few kilometers outside of Berlin. It shows the decay of the premises built to accommodate the athletes of the Olympics of 1936 in Nazi-Germany.
After the games the compound was used military for some decades until it was abandoned in 1992. Today it is landmarked but still deteriorating and open for the public from april to october.
Click here for more infos (in German) and pictures.

Photos: Jonas K

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Kleine Opfer müssen gebracht werden!

sculpture of german aviation pioneer Otto Lilienthal at TXL.

Weapons of Musical Distraction

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Boeing over Berlin

Members only!

Berliner Häuser
There are stories to tell about more or less every old building in the centre of Berlin. Most of them experienced so many changes: of owners, of functions, of appearance… An interesting example is the building at the corner Torstr / Prenzlauer Allee.

Don’t park hier pleas!

don't park hier today pleas!

We speak fery gut Englisch hier in Börlin!

meanwhile, over at the Orangutan enclosure

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pollenflug_berlin_potsdam_b.jpg Da ich seit einer Woche damit kämpfe, hier ein extrem-guter Link zum Thema Pollenflug. Urheber meiner Auszeit, sind wohl die zur Zeit “mäßig” aktiveren Birken (siehe Bild, Quelle:

Übrigens – für Kreuzberger- eine Nachtapotheke findet man am Kottbusser Damm, aber vorher lieber nochmal 11880 wählen und überprüfen ob’s auch wirklich jene ist. Aber ich war diese Woche schon 2x dort.

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