Shooter: 1, SEK: 0

I was perplexed when I saw the news today where it looked like reporters almost ran into the house with the (the German ATF). The news reminded me of embeded journalism in Iraq or an ridiculous American TV show called COPS.

Anyway, the shooter – member of a rod and gun club – shot two of those SEK police men when they tried to come into his house.

The scenery on TV was pretty weird because the operation seemed to have failed, or continued longer than expected and the reporter kept asking the police press people if it failed and they kept denying and saying the operation was still work in progress.

Now flavour this fuck-up with a know-it-all-neighbour who commented that the suspect his friend was just a bit anti-social, maybe had some weird habits but was also very nice. Gee wiz! If that’s his only friend I can almost see why he believes his life came to an end when his wife left him a while back.

In the end, the shooter committed suicide.

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