Thursday night in Berlin

I did not make it to the huge gallery weekend opening last night.
The reason for that is that I went out on thursday.
To the Dutch embassy first, where, in good dutch tradition, we had to queue before being let in (too much security, as usual, does not make me feel very safe) , then once inside with a glass of champagne in the hand we had to queue again to get something to eat (herring, in good dutch tradition, unfortunately, not very good), and then there was Dutch cheese and french fries with mayonnaise and Dutch beer (the cause of my huge headache yesterday). The architecture of Rem Koolhaas clashed weirdly with this very traditional “Koniginnendag” (Dutch national holiday) celebration and the Dutch ambassador looked and talked like someone from a different century, no, millenium. Needless to say, we did not stay very long. The view from the Embassy is nice though.
Then, on to the new Fotoshop in the Brunnenstrasse 11: big, white three room location, and the new ambition to become something like a real gallery. therefor the new opening hours and the policy of no noise (as the place is in a normal apartment house). the no noise policy was broken immediately by the fabulous music performance from Allroh, that left me speechless.

Dutch embassy pictures:

Allroh at Fotoshop:

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