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How confident are you that terrorist attacks will never happen where you live?

I am pretty confident about Berlin, especially since most of the the issues listed on the global incident map detail activities which are anti-nuclear related, but I guess you really never know.

Browsing around the global incident map, I not sure whether I find it more troubleling that someone takes the time to assemble what they call threats into a system – after all all anti-nuclear activity is classified as a threat/incident – and mash it up with a bit of Google Maps to give it that Web 2.0 touch. Or if I see the actual threats listed as a potential danger.

So maybe the information overkill makes one more vulnerable indeed. Because we worry too much, whereas if we didn’t know about anything, it would probably only strike us when it happens. And luckily the chances for anything to happen are pretty small.

Also to be noted and worth one or more thoughs: a general terror-phobia along with islam-phobia are probably one of the larger threats right now and both are not listed on the global incident map.

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Die ersten 50 Seiten …

Klaus Wowereit … liegen schon beim Verlag!

schreibt an seiner Biographie.

Jawohl, er schreibt!

Vielleicht wäre an der Biographie labern eher etwas für ihn. Aber da in nicht sonderlich viel passiert, sollte er sogar zum Schreiben genügend Zeit haben. Und daher verblüfft es mich auch etwas, dass es erst 50 und nicht schon 500 Seiten sind.


The outstanding picture is GPL-licensed.

Shooter: 1, SEK: 0

I was perplexed when I saw the news today where it looked like reporters almost ran into the house with the (the German ATF). The news reminded me of embeded journalism in Iraq or an ridiculous American TV show called COPS.

Anyway, the shooter – member of a rod and gun club – shot two of those SEK police men when they tried to come into his house.

The scenery on TV was pretty weird because the operation seemed to have failed, or continued longer than expected and the reporter kept asking the police press people if it failed and they kept denying and saying the operation was still work in progress.

Now flavour this fuck-up with a know-it-all-neighbour who commented that the suspect his friend was just a bit anti-social, maybe had some weird habits but was also very nice. Gee wiz! If that’s his only friend I can almost see why he believes his life came to an end when his wife left him a while back.

In the end, the shooter committed suicide.

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Schmerz lass nach

I just got back home from a visit to the Hamburger Bahnhof. Taking advantage of their fantastic free Thursdays, I went to see the exhibition “Schmerz”.
If you can call it an exhibition. Edu-tainment would be a more appropriate name. At first it looked promising, a big box like structure built in the middle of the center hall with text in black and white about pain that made me expect all kind of fantastic art. However, there was hardly any art at all. The exhibition consists of semi- educational texts about all kinds of aspects of pain, medical gear, patients descriptions of their pains, a disproportionally big section devoted to the pain of Christ during crucifixion, an autopsy report, a couple of police files, all this interspersed with a couple of art videos. And two installations. And even those were nothing we haven´t seen before and not really put in relation with the rest of the exhibited material. No new work, nothing exciting, obviously no real connection made between art and pain. In my opinion this is the shallowest, most boring, politically correct and utterly superfluous exhibition I have seen in Hamburger Bahnhof. In a city that claims to be the centre of the art world this is a joke. And a waste of money.
If you want to go and see the exhibition, go on a thursday afternoon, it´s free.


Buildings & Bridges

lost in space

The streetart gallery Deathless is currently showing works of the Berlin based stencilist Boxi.
Check it out!

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where is it?

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Designmai 2007


Same game, different year? Some might think, but this year it’s not same.

Designmai 2007 will feature events at a 100 different locations around the city. The center of the festival will be Designmai Forum – it hosts an exhibition dedicated to a special topic and a conference (which was set up in in collaboration with the Potsdam Einstein Forum). The Forum will explore the relationship between digital technology and design. The following aspects will be focused on: digital crafts, generated shapes, instant production and smart products.

More at their website.

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School shooting in Virginia

This is so sensational and very sad – apparently someone killed 21 and wounded 29 students in a shooting earlier in VA today. I always wonder how this can happen – which means that it’s probably not the right moment to bring up a gun debate, but this is where it’s taking us.

Tom of Metroblogging D.C. reports on it and is keeping everyone updated.

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At the moment it seems like all Berlin people are longing for sun and every bit of nature they can get: parks are crowded and covered by BBQ smoke, in the forests around Berlin you’ll get run over by bikes every second, brave people start dipping in the lakes and the first naked sunbathers were spotted already last weekend.
I have been out of Berlin in Werder (Havel) and now is just the right time to go there! All the fruit trees are blossoming, fresh green grass and leaves dare a glance out of their winter hideouts, glistening water whereever you look… and not too many people around. If you like it more “lively” and need more entertainment you should go there between 28th of April and 6th of May to attend the popular Baumblütenfest and have a few glasses of the (in-)famous fruitwine!

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