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Tee(r) und Federn Blog writes about the compound of the former Marthashof in Schwedter Str (that was called Verlorener Weg = Lost Lane in the times of the Marthashof), where the buildings were razed to the ground in the last weeks. These were unspectacular buildings from GDR times, but built on grounds rich with history. The Marthashof was a hospice for young women who came from the countryside to the big city in the search for a better life which often ended in exploitation and prostitution.
Later it became a school for maidservants and nannies. Parts of it were destroyed in WW 1, rebuilt and it was a hiding-place for Jewish women during the Nazi regime until it was finally destroyed in the war 1943.
Tee(r) und Federn and me wonder if anybody knows something about the future plans for the premises??

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Lights. Handy. Action!

21MB Moabit – this short film competition will be running until September. Make a documentary, love story, music video, or experimental film…anything goes. The only requirements – the film be no larger than 21MB, playable on a mobile telephone and have some relationship to Moabit. The organizers are also hosting workshops every first and third Thursday of the month, demonstrating Linux installation (Ubuntu!) and how to edit and export multimedia files. The jury consists of filmmakers, visual artists and teachers. Prizes will be awarded in two age groups – the first for filmmakers up to 21 years old and the second for the old folks. The winning films will also be shown on the big screen at the Open Air Kino in Lehrter Strasse.

for more information:

See: Full Metal Village

Not so Berlin-related, but it’s a great movie. Even if you don’t like that metal music. And it’s been in the theatres since middle of April and – once more – really worth checking out. So click here for a listing of theatres showing the movie.

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DoC this Friday

Since I always forgot about them, finally – here’s where you should go this Friday.

Freitag, 04. Mai – Arenaclub, Berlin line up: Quarion aka Ianeq – live (Mental Groove, Drumpoet Community/ Zürich) Staffan Linzatti – live (DoC, Stockholm Ltd, Rrygular) Dan Curtin – (DoC, Tuning Spork, Klang) Boris – (Careless Music / Panorama Bar) Aaron Hedges – (DoC) Dj Humus – (Pitsui) 23:00 – ?, 8 euro Eingang über Eichenstraße oder am Flutgraben – Arena Club

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The friends from are pretty much involved with everything there is in Vienna – at least it seems. Some of them will come to Berlin 12th May, 2007 to present their Taugshow at 8 PM at c-base!

Here is the info:

The flat hierarchies of talk shows are about as subversive as NYC Democrats smoking dope. But count us out! We won’t produce a talk show. Nope. We produce a TAUGSHOW! Which means: we dig it. Our guests are geeks, heretics, and other coevals. A joyful bucket full of good clean fanaticism, crisis, language, culture, self-content, identity, utopia, mania and despair, condensed into the well known cultural technique of a prime time TV show.

[taugen; Viennese slang: to dig/love/adore something]

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Die Reader’s Edition hat vor kurzem über sogenannte Placeblogs berichtet. Metroblogging Berlin wurde als Beispiel für ein Placeblog aufgeführt.

Ein weiterer Kandidat der den Trend der Lokalisierung bestätigt ist das neueste Holtzbrinck-Venture Watch-Berlin. Nun kann man geteilter Meinung über Holtzbrinck sein, aber die Idee eines Videoportals für Berlin ist trotzdem nett – besonders dieser Satz aus dem “Über uns” macht die Sache sympathisch.

Berlin hat viel zu bieten und ist facettenreicher als jede andere Stadt in Deutschland.

Tja, Hamburg, München, Köln, Frankfurt (har har) und was es sonst noch an super-tollen Städten in unseren Landen gibt – so sieht’s halt aus. Deshalb gibt’s eben Watch-Berlin und nicht Watch-Kuhdorf! ;-)

Auf jeden Fall sind ein paar witzige Videos dabei. Auch im Bezug auf den 1. Mai gab’s da irgendwo ein Interview mit Ton, Steine, Scherben.

Zu schade, dass man beim sonst so affinen Web 2.0-Spezialisten Holtzbrinck die RSS-Feeds und so etwas wie das einbetten von Videos vergessen hat (Tipp: Wenn man Ahnung von HTML hat und weiss was ein iframe ist, geht’s auch so. ;-)). Wie sollen denn nur die Nutzer Ihre Inhalte breittragen und selbst bewerben? ;-)

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Zum 1. Mai


Krawalle von zu Hause aus! – Für alle die den 1. Mai verpasst haben und dringend das Bedürfnis haben irgendetwas nachzuholen, bekommen jetzt die Möglichkeit alles von zu Hause aus (natürlich ohne rechtliche Konsequenzen fürchten zu müssen) nachzuspielen. Extrajetzt ein Spiel zum online gestellt.


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Guess where!


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WAL*MART has left the building


… or country! Celerbrate, rejoice, happyness! I know this is not late-breaking news (as usual), but I still found it worth a small post since this is almost a primer world-wide, Walmart retreating!

Walmart’s assets in Germany were taken over bei REAL. And it looks like REAL used this opporunity to get rid off most of the people who worked at the stores. At least most of the Turkish people seem to be gone and were replaced by regular (har har) Germans. One of them said, that little people stayed, most are indeed new on the job.

So I went to Walmart REAL last weekend, not remembering the change at all and I was surprised with lots of (really stupid) tombolas and lotteries inside the store, swamped employees and of course the places where things used to be were switched (!!!).

Last but not least, what was kind of surprising: Walmat used to enforce their goods on you – if you can say that. In general, Walmart left little room to navigate through the store and cluttered your way with (OH MY GOD) deals everywhere. REAL has the store more open, sometimes wide and often looking like something is missing. Which is pretty strange.

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Jumping the Knut-Waggon

Jumping the Knut-Waggon

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