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usually hidden


This corner of Torstraße/Friedrichstraße (correct me if I am wrong), is usually covered up with one of those huge something-phone ads. Buy our plan, buy our phone – whatever. Even better that whenever there is a break in the usual advertising mania it displays some nice graffitis.

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Premature Congratulation

perhaps we shouldn’t be so quick to say Thanks Flickr! According to this discussion it seems that, due to terms of service issues, Flickr users with Yahoo! IDs Singapore, Germany, Hong Kong or Korea are prevented from turning off the ‘Safe Search’ option in their profile, thereby limiting their searches to that which the Flickr moderators deem ‘safe’. Users are describing this as censorship and a protest is growing, demanding that Flickr restore the full search functionality to their users. More evidence of our slow march back to the dark ages, before i could get my Flickr pr0n fix! gee…thanks for nuttin’ Flickr!

Thirty Minutes over Berlin

last nights Flickr get together above Alex at Week12End was a pleasant diversion. The celebration promoted the release of their new book 24 Hours of Flickr and the just improved language skills of the site! After a brief presentation by Heather and the Flickr team thanking us for attending, we were free to drink at the bar and gaze out across the fantastic Berlin cityscape. Later as we prepared to descend to ground level we were given a copy of the new book, a selection of photos published one a single day in May by Flickr partner Blurb, which offers this service (for a small fee naturally) to all Flickr users. Thanks Flickr!

Regan vs. the wall

Today (), 20 years ago (1987), delivered his famous .

“Mr. Gorbachev, tear down this wall!”

Why not?

Why not?

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24 Stunden Flickr


Flickr is coming next Tuesday to Berlin and wants you to meet them. Where? At the Week End. More on upcoming.

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per Definition

Gestern gehört:

“Bezirk ist in der Mitte. Preise sind oben.”

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Demos reloaded

Just got home, was in Mitte. We managed to get a beer and some food after work but left soon since the scenery started to fill up with anti G8 people and police everywhere. A helicopter was patrolling above Mitte all evening which did not exactly calm people down.

What started as a demo of literally 5 people grow to maybe 150 people at Hackischer Markt after an hour or two and there were way more by the time we left. Also the police soon started to reroute traffic around the entire area and blocked streets from various directions.


P1010396 P1010395

Update II:
Reuters says there were 600 people all together – and mostly peacful! :-)

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hey there!


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