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Graffiti report cards?!

I just discovered the graffiti report card (which comes with its own Flickr group).

Graffiti Report Card

And even though the inventor is not Berlin-based, I think it would work here as well, since we got plenty of graffiti (of course) and a lot of opinion – everyone got at least one!

So whether you love it or hate it, here’s your chance to become active. If you discovered a great piece, or you seethink it lacks talent, download the PDF, print it and put it right next to it.

And if just about anyone can judge music and musicians, why not apply the game to street art/graffiti/writings as well?

More at Design Crack.


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Benno Ohnesorg

(Roughly) 40 years ago, university student was shot at a demonstration in Berlin.

40 years later – a primer, because until now the authorities officially never expressed regret over the accidental shooting of Ohnesorg by Berlin police officer Karl-Heinz Kurras.

According to Süddeutsche Zeitung (Spätes Bedauern in Berlin: Polizeipräsident legt Kranz für Ohnesorg nieder) police men laid a wreath at the memorial of Ohnesorg two days ago. The wreath was signed by Berlin’s chief of police.

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The writings on the wall


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burning cars


Speaking of burning (in English, burning cars) lists all known incidents of burned cars of the past years. The authors of the website swear to be neutral and not political motivated.

In total the website lists 57 incidents, Mercedes is leading brand-wise. It assembles all information and displays everything using Google maps. If you click the marker you see the location and the brand (if known).

Judging from the map, Kreuzberg is leading before Friedrichshain.

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G8 demos

Yep, even Berlin got some of those – though the action is more in Hamburg – this morning lunch I saw a couple people demonstrating in the government district, right next to the Bundestag.

Funny thing – the scenery had nothing very political, obscene, no havoc indeed it was pretty peaceful!
It didn’t look like a demonstration.

It did more or less remind me of a field trip back in elementary school. Walking whereever, teachers in the front and back. No talking, no shouting, walking in pairs and keeping up with the rest.

Back to now:
I witnessed a group of people walking. The majority of them was dressed in black sweatshirts and black sunglasses. The group was surrounded by cops, who were walking in the front – leading? – and at the end of the trail, and all around, of course.

Sizewise, I’d say the two groups were almost even. Maybe more police? But maybe that’s just the impression because they were patrolling around, a group of about eight (!) police cars followed them, gently pushing the anti-G8 people forward. And they sure looked more aggressive then the so called demonstration.

All in all, it’s a ridiculous picture. I wonder if those anti-globalization people (who are all dressed made in China) know how much they hurt on a local not so global level, because their sole appearance is a waste of tax euros.

So please don’t read me wrong, I am by no means advocating Nazi-stasi-surveillance-techniques or speaking out against your right to express your opinion and demonstrate.

But I dare to challenge the motives of those who go out on the street.

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Und ewig lockt das Praktikum

Ein Zustand mit dem sich viele in Berlin auseinandersetzen dürfen. Und die FH Potsdam zeigt am 5. Juni den Film Ewig Praktikant und bietet anschließend eine Diskussion zur Problematik an.

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Joe Coleman at KW

Has anyone seen the Joe Coleman exhibition at KW?
I went there yesterday after having missed the opening last week. To say the least, it was disconcerting to see his art in KW. Those who have been to KW before know the kind of art that is usually shown there, well, this is different, to say the least. DonĀ“t get me wrong, I really liked the exhibition, it was disturbing, strange, touching, a bit spooky also. Joe Coleman`s art is a far cry from anything minimalist or conceptual, his carefully painted portraits of killers, musicians, bikers and “freaks”, are full of narrative detail and you need to “have a picture to yourself” when you visit the exhibition because of all the small text, all the detail of each painting. Actually I was glad not having seen the show during the opening where a careful examination of the pictures would have been impossible.
The wax figures of criminals, of freaks, the figure of death and the caravans standing in the big KW hall give the exhibition space something of an old spooky fairground feel.
It is the first exhibition curated by Susanne Pfeffer, the new curator of KW, and she certainly managed to give the place a completely different atmosphere. Weird.
The hip kids guarding the art works looked a bit out of place.
Go and see for yourself!

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