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Open, 24 hours a day

This is so new and aids especially people who work weird hours/shifts – the first supermarket shifted its opening hours to all 24 hours of the day from last Monday. The store is a and located at Berliner Straße 24 (Wilmersdorf). I think I’ll give it a try tonight, just to see if it is really true.

Alas – it is not open seven days a week. In fact, the store will close Saturday at 11 PM and open Monday at 8 AM. Aside from that it’s open all around the clock. And for Sunday shopping, there is still Friedrichstraße and so on.

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A slightly larger version of “Why not?”.

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Ä, Neukölln

If you didn’t know, there are bars and so on in Neukölln as well. Well, at least there is one – it’s called and is located Fuldastraße/Weserstraße. Inside the place is pretty rough, some couches, nice atmosphere and literally packed later in the evening. A good excuse to go (and start drinking) early. ;-)

By the way, aside from the usual beer mix (Berliner, Becks, ..) the also serve (hell and spezia).

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Anscheinend spielt jemand mit in . Also nicht alles anfassen, was man so sieht. Seit Januar gab’s wohl (vorallem in U-Bahnhöfen) 40 Anschläge – in 2006 wohl 200. Wer macht denn sowas?

Looks like someone has been using around town in over 40 cases this year (2007). So don’t touch anything you see – especially on the subway. According to the news, there have been another 200 unsolved assaults in 2006.

Graffitied supermarket

A supermarket

Yeah, that’s the front of a supermarket in ’36. I like love Berlin. Love living here.
Who else has this? If you know, leave a comment.

More impressions are on Flickr.

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Knut to be a Bestseller

knut.bestseller.jpg Today Yesterday, the zoo of Berlin released an autobiography of for children describing his early youth.

The designated ghostwriter is . The first run includes 30,000 copies, a second – still in print – adds additional 15,000 copies to that. Yay.

Oh yeah – sorry! And forget I wrote the book is for children. Since everyone reads Harry Potter nowadays, this book can be read by just about anyone as well.

Disclaimer: If you don’t know, Knut is the world’s most famous icebear. Slowly but surely emerging cuteness and turning into an icebear like all the others.


Image source: DPP

3000 Years of Punk


Everyone’s favorite klein kinos Moviemento and Lichtblick are screening a Punk Rock Film Festival starting today! Showing such crusty crowdpleasers as American Hardcore, Sid and Nancy and Seele brennt – Die Einstürzenden Neubauten as well as several more obscure films, the festival coincides with the recent appearance of the Joe Strummer biopic The Future Is Unwritten. Pull your leather jacket and boots out of the closet and head out to this cinematic slamdance….

50000 Tequilas for the Brandenburg Hillbillies

Maybe some of you remember my last article about smoking in bars. Having quit smoking since I wrote it (believe it or not)(feeling molested by smokers myself now from time to time. but still I think it is bullshit to regulate such things by law) I’m a bit concerned what will happen now as drinking is one of my hobbies. Don’t get me wrong. It is definitely not everyday drinking nor is it drinkin’ until the doctor arrives. I just like to sit in my favorite bar, talk nonsense or about music and philosophy or whatever, have a couple of beers accompanied by a couple of Maker’s Marks or Jamesons. Nothing to write home about. Normal weekend pleasure for thousands of Kreuzbergers and other people all around the world. (I’ve been told even the Muslims do it if they find a place with closed curtains).

Schlechtes Vorbild

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Kissing snails

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