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In disguise


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Harry Potter

The postman just rang the bell today and dropped off an Amazon package for a neighbour. So I ask him where those people live, he says…

postman: “3rd or maybe 4th floor in the first building? No idea, but that’s the new ‘Harry Potter’ there.”
till: “Harry Potter?”
postman: “Yeah!”
till: “Hmm, really?”
postman: “Oh how much I hate this book. We have to deliver all those Harry Potters by today. Otherwise I would be home by now.”

I have to admit, I am probably the last guy on the planet who has not read the books yet. I admit (in shame) to seeing one of the movies. But hey, I just did it for the girl I went with. But all in all, why do people care so much about this little fucker?

Go get a grip and read a real book, people.

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Bronco says!


“Graffiti is the power” – it makes more sense in English. And that’s probably where it comes from. In German, it has a touch of analphabetism and looks pretty weird. But this is just one of the pictures I took yesterday when we spent the day in 36 – if you are interested, check my Flickr. I’ll post more my favorites later on.

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Oberbaumbrücke is a so called double deck bridge. Because there is a deck for cars and the subway up top. It was part of a wall built in 1732 which marked the city boundry (Berlin Brandenburg). The bridge served as a city gate back then.

Today Oberbaumbrücke is inside the city of Berlin. The gothic towered bridge crosses the river Spree and interconnects the districts Kreuzberg and Friedrichshain.

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Ohne Worte

Ohne Worte


We so green!

Yay, so even though Live Earth dissed us bad (Fuck you, too! =), Berlin is so green Al Gore would get a hard on! And finally I get to quote a study I am a part of! So according to this very recent outstanding study, the residents of Berlin like to exchange car with bike more often.

Here are the head bike counts per working day:

  • Oberbaumbrücke: 7,300 bikes
  • Straße des 17. Juni: 7,100 bikes
  • Karl-Liebknecht-Straße: 6,900 bikes
  • Kastanienallee: 6,400 bikes
  • Yorckstra&szlige (Yorckbrücken): 6,000 bikes

That’s a lot of bikes!


Setting records

So it turns out that this more or less bearable July 16th 2007, has been the hottest ever in Berlin – ever since people started writing temperature down.

Speaking of summers and the beauty, make sure you check the comments on this entry because many people from around the Metroblogging universe took my challenge and posted summer pictures, and they are not bad either.

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MBI: Suicide blast

Metroblogging Islamabad (Pakistan) reports on a bomb blast killing 10+ people and injuring close to 50 (#2). Apparently the bomb was targetted on a lawyer’s convention at Ali Medical Center in F-8.

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Graffiti, originally uploaded by CBS_Fan.

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