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in the backyard of the city


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We are on fire!

summer at last

Three days in a row. Sun, heat – summer!

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The popdeurope festival is currently in Berlin – it already started but will stay in town until August 4th, 2007.

For those who dig loungy electronic music – do you remember ? If you do, you should visit the Badeschiff tomorrow at 7:30 PM to see INGRID ETO (aka the Zero 7 instrumental project) in action.

More of the program (only in German, pff!):

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Was soll’n das hier werden?

Ganz amüsant und interessant – der Tagesspiegel guckt nach Neukölln, diesmal weniger Rütli sondern Reuterkiez (Maybachufer, Weichselstraße, Sonnenallee und Kotti). Witzig ist auch der zweite Kommentar zum Artikel.


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graffified 36


A follow up to my last one, this one is almost directly at Kottbuser Tor (behind a fence).

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If you are walking down Skalitzer Straße in Kreuzberg, 36 from Schleßisches Tor to its end, it has become a street gallery of graffiti and tags.

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MBKL: Blogger Nat Tan arrested

Metroblogging Kuala Lumpur reports on the arrest of blogger Nathaniel Tan. Apparently he was taken into custody and is being questioned about his blog posts by the cyber crime unit of the Malaysian police.

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save c-base

“c-base space station”, which is a vital part of Berlin’s governmentally unfunded subculture, is under pressing threat of closure. Until July, 31th 2007 we have to come up with several months’ worth of outstanding rent, otherwise we’ll be evicted and the space station will have to close.

If you’ve ever been to c-base, well – there is always people who say, “whatever”, and those who found a home. c-base provides space for crazyness (in projects and people) and I think Berlin needs that for sure. Too strange that I did not come accross this earlier – they really need your support and help (= Paypal, digg).


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Graffiti Schöneberg


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Serial Künstler

made it down to KW this past weekend to check out ‘Internal Digging’ the spectacular Joe Coleman show. For those unfamiliar with his work Coleman is a painter, performance artist and collector of dark memorabilia. Many of his obsessions revolve around the ultraviolence and perversity of american society and its serial killers. Paintings of Ed Gein, John Dillinger and other american psychocelebrities are on exhibit alongside Coleman’s collection of wax figures, mummies and circus wagons. While the spooky carnival of Coleman’s imagination will leave an impression on all who examine it, a certain familiarity with the dark side of american history will provide a helpful context for this psychedelic sensory overload. keep in mind: this is not for the weak of heart or stomach….

Joe Coleman
Internal Digging

until August 12, 2007
Kunst Werke
Auguststr. 69, 10117

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