A pond in my kitchen

Life sucks sometimes – last week has been fix-my-taxes-since-2005-week (oh, how much I despise all that) and I had almost thought I made it through the week by Saturday, but I had not!

I got home at 7 PM last night and found my bath and kitchen under water. The bath was not all that bad (tiles to the rescue!) – but in the kitchen I had a small pond and my pots were filled with yummy brown water.

All even worse because last time I had my kitchen watered it was not all this bad. This time all the electricity seems to have been watered as well. When I turned on the light in the kitchen it made a funny sparkly, buzzing sound – so I quickly took out the fuse.

In this year of 2007 the lady up stairs has a shower in her kitchen and no bath room. And the shower filled up and so on, and flood! Sometimes I forget that kind of stuff with everyone around here having Internet, cellphones and so on.
Many people in fact don’t have a bathroom at all. Many have a bathtub or shower in the kitchen and the WC “outside” (stairway) or even share a bathroom with their neighbours, and crazy stuff like that.

All in all I threw out a ton of stuff which had been watered and it looks like my fridge was toasted since it refuses to work again. And had to do all my dishes again – which was almost the most annoying part of it all.

I also hope my landlord gets someone here on Monday so we can check all that – I just kinda fear the mold growing in the wet walls. Way to spend two hours on Saturday night. To celebrate this week I got drunk later on.

For today I expect my place burning down.

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  1. bome (unregistered) on August 13th, 2007 @ 12:39 am

    that will decrease your walkscore :P

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