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U.T./1UP at Hermannplatz

u.t. 1up rooftop

Rooftop’d the Hermannplatz, Neukölln.

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A pond in my kitchen

Life sucks sometimes – last week has been fix-my-taxes-since-2005-week (oh, how much I despise all that) and I had almost thought I made it through the week by Saturday, but I had not!

Streetart forum

Streetart forum/community, based in Berlin.
Reg(ister) yourself, before you wreck yourself.

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More from today yesterday.

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Shopping ’til midnight

Since last Monday, my Kaisers opens every day from 8 AM to midnight. Fresh cheese/meat stuff is only available from 8 AM to 8 PM, but if you can live with packed this really is an improvement and aids all people’s life styles who do not work regular hours.

And shopping paying has never been so nice either – “Thank you for your purchase, and have a nice evening!” – did you ever hear that anywhere in Berlin? I think I have not in over six years. Not even at .

Also, when you go at night, there are no drunk people standing/sleeping/sitting in front of it, yelling at each other.

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Designer War

To Hamburg for the weekend

So I spent last weekend (Sat, Sun and Mon) in Hamburg visiting friends. If you are not familiar with the European landscape – Hamburg is a 2-3 hour car ride and just an hour if you take the train. So it’s actually in Berlin’s orbit – at least somewhat.

So anyway, though Berlin is still the Mekka of all streetart, Hamburg got its share.


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Morgen Streik!

Diesmal mit Ansage – dann viel Spaß!

Some Questions regarding your Walkscore

Hey Till I really don’t want to be pernickety but did you have a closer look at your walkscore?

Grocery Stores:
Mercure Hotel
Best Western Euro Hotel
Hotel Sylter Hof
O.k. Maybe they’ ve got Grocery stores at those Hotels. But would you buy your daily stuff there?

The restaurants seem to be o.k. but why are they doubled? Not to speak about the missing ones.

Coffee Shops:
Do you really want to tell me that you are walking from your home to Kurfürstenstr. to take a coffee? In 1.26 min? The author of this site seems to never have been in Berlin.

Hooray for Hot Dog World.

Attention please!
Translag Grossgarage

What’s your walkscore?

According to their website the walkscore is accumulated by places near by – whatever near by means, and whatever the different places weigh in, my hood scores an outstanding 89 out of 100.

Some of the data seems incomplete or maybe a bit faulty, but still – this is pretty cool if you are moving around town and want to know how the next place compares to your current in terms of general availability of shops, movies or the next drug store.


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