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-Prenzlauer Berg, 30 Nov. 1900
This afternoon firefighters struggled in vain to save the last windmill in Prenzlauer Berg. The owner, local baker Herr Hänsch, watched sadly as his old Adler Mühle, located at Prenzlauer Allee 81, burned to the ground. Though the mill had not been in use since 1982, its loss forms a tragic coda to the story of Berlin’s famous Windmühlenberg.

Beneath Bernauer Strasse

Es wimmelt von Kontrollettis!


Bad Day in Berlin

it was eighty five years ago today that the first NSDAP group was formed in the city. The party that would eventually bring about the deaths of millions and the near total destruction of Berlin set up its first offices in Kreuzberg’s Yorckstrasse 90 on 19 November 1922. Following a short lived ban in 1923 (as a result of the Munich putsch), the party would accelerate its rabble rousing and tendency to violence following the arrival in 1926 of Gauleiter Joseph Goebbels.

At the Ullstein Haus

nur wer kämpft kann gewinnen!

Till not in Berlin

I will not be in Berlin most of November! But don’t worry, I got a few more posts prep’d.

If you want to stalk me follow me around, catch up with me here, here and probably (most likely) also here.

I will be annoying on an almost global scale! ;-)

Here is also my super-duper everything RSS-feed.

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Lucy was here


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Feeling usable?


3rd World Usability Day in Berlin. Is that a good thing?

In most cases usability is a good thing because it defines how for example a car is designed on the inside so people manage to find the headlights etc.. Usability is also often referred to when talking about websites or user interface in general.

Anyway, the bad news is – usability lacks in many aspects of life and I hope the people visiting this conference make the best of it.

Heinrich-Hertz-Institut (Fraunhofer-Institut für Nachrichtentechnik)
Einsteinufer 37
10587 Berlin


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Against Heizpilze

Heizpilze are gas-powered heating things which look like huge mushrooms (not just when you are on them) and are now to be found in front of most cafes in Berlin. According to some survey over at , the majority of those taking part in the survey really mind the Heizpilze because they are useless and uncessary.

Now I beg to differ. Who in their pot-smoking mind voted for not necessary or useless? (Please comment, if I addressed you!) I mean, it’s getting colder outside, still sitting outside for some fresh air and a coffee can be nice, so why not have a couple of those Heizpilze to comfort you?


(The question is: Should Heizpilze be banned?, “Yes, they are unnecessary” or “No, that’s just green propaganda”)

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