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SPREEBLICK, originally uploaded by illtillwillkillbill.

I took this picture last night from the side of the river where Spreespeicher is at. Spreespeicher is a place right at the river Spree where you can rent office space. Pretty nice view, but also pricey.


Tonight is 5 years of Creative Commons over at c-base. Be there, or be square! And then, there is also LiveDEMO and Holy Shit Shopping (Vol. 4) at Cafe Moskau on the weekend. And probably tons of other shit.

Holy shit, there is a lot to do.

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400 EUR to get listed?

Like, woah! Apparently zitty, tip and 030 each want 400 EUR to list your event. But I guess even them have to pay bills, right? And when you think about it – why would you want to get listed in those if there is no commercial interest, and when there is you can probably afford it anyway.

And whatever happened to using the Internet?



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T: Ich glaub’s ja nicht!
S: Wie?
T: Es ist dunkel!
S: Wie, hier drin?
T: Ne, drau├čen!
S: Ja, ist ist ja auch schon … halb fünf…

Ich mag Winter nicht. Macht mal wer das Licht an?!

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Buy some Hanf!

I found this over at It’s just incredible what you can buy from those vending machines in Pankow, and especially how laid back they seem to be there – see especially the lower left corner of the picture. ;-))

Picture source:…)-machine.html

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Wikipedia sued over Nazi Symbolism

Reuters had a story yesterday, entitled, “Politician files Wikipedia charge over Nazi symbols“.

The story goes on that Katina Schubert ( – no link for her), a politician of the leftish Die Linke (har, har) filed charges against Wikipedia with the Berlin police because Wikipedia contained too much Nazi symbolism, especially on an entry about Hitler Youth.

I looked at both the German and the English entry and correct me if I am wrong but how do you measure “too much” in this case? Are four or five too many? Also – isn’t this a part of history which is supposed to be never forgotten? Isn’t the trade off here that you document it well – and isn’t this an encyclopedia you can help to improve?

According to Reuters Katina Schubert even got legal consultation before she filed the charges. Which puzzles me as of who she talked to – probably no one who ever heard of Wikipedia, no one who is aware of how Wikipedia works and for sure no one who is aware of the context in which Wikipedia uses those symbols.

Thanks for wasting tax Euros, Katina. And here is a cluepon for you.

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5 years of Creative Commons


Photo credit: Design: M. Angermeier, White Label (CC BY-NC) Photo: Stefan Kellner (published under CC BY-NC) Map: (CC BY-SA)

Did you know, that Metroblogging publishes under the Creative Commons license too?

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