I kind of have to get used to the fact, that you see people smoking outside everywhere. Especially in the evening and at night it looks pretty weird when people gather and take their drink outside to light up a smoke. And every so often even the barkeeper is gone as well – smoking outside.

After all, this is still Berlin, right? I cannot yet imagine all those places to be smoke free, but I bet some people out there really cannot wait. I wonder how the French felt, when liberté toujours was taken from them and smoking was banned virtually everywhere. I mean, even babies smoke in France, right?

For me it’s intriguing to see this trend pick up so fast especially because there are still places that allow you to smoke and for right now the entire non-smoking-thing is much less restrictive. But most places do it stricter anyway, which is good – I guess.

I spent a morning at last week and the hottest topic that morning was if smoking is allowed or not allowed in there. They do have ashtrays so as a matter of fact right now it is. But of course it’s always nicer to ask the people sitting right next to you – if they mind. In the end, this topic did really connect people and got them talking without their laptop.

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