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Chemtrails over Berlin

controlling our minds with their chemical haze!
Quick, where did i put my tinfoil hat?



This is a massive graffiti I walked by last weekend in Steglitz. Unfenced version is here.

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This is one of the reasons why I love YouTube Vimeo. I really do. I find crazy shit like this on there which wouldn’t make it to my hears otherwise. I mean, I rarely listen to the radio – let alone the local stations, I don’t watch TV and even if I did I doubt I see this stuff on MTV.

This song is called “rooftops”. It’s by Damion Davis (). More music and dates as always on M*Space.

Just by the way, if you think, “Damion Davis, I’ve heard that name before…?!”, well you probably saw then.

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Grande Latte all over the place

It seems like everything but cafes closes around here (Kreuzberg 61).

Walking home from Urbanstraße to Bergmannkiez I discovered that a dozen shops are now home to small “coffee to go”-type of places. There was even one in a former butcher shop and it still said Fleischerei outside, but there were only Machiattos inside.


You know you are old when …

… everyone waiting in line to get in is just younger than you are!

I think I’ve pretty much never stood in line for anything since I got to Berlin. Except maybe for the guest list and the cashier at the supermarket – but you know, those things don’t count. ;-) I met up with some former colleagues at White Trash last night to late-celebrate someone’s birthday and because I was late got there after 8 PM, I had to get in line with everyone who was gonna go for some concert last night, and also ended up paying 8 bucks to go to the restaurant – geesh.

And everyone else – in line – was at least four or five years younger.

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Aftermath from the Stallman lecture

So I had the maybe weird pleasure to see this lecture two days ago. I went primarily not because I wanted to know so much about free software, but rather for reasons such as I think Richard M. Stallman () is someone you have to at least witness once. Especially when you are involved in this open source (he objects to this term) thing.

About RMS – there is literally too much on the Internet already to really sit there with no expectations or second thoughts.

RICHARD M. STALLMAN All in all I had a pretty entertaining evening. Roughly three hours were over in no time, which in my opinion is always a compliment for the speaker. I twittered the entire lecture, if you care you need to browse my Twitter for that.

He started off by explaining the basics – Free (GNU) and Non-Free. Explained the four freedoms, which are to run/use software as you wish, to adjust software, to (re-)distribute, including your “adjusted” copy, and to contribute to the software. During the evening he basically came back to those citing examples why Free is what we should aim for and Non-Free is not.

He then briefly went over the license () used for free software and explained the basics of . I think I found this part particularly interesting because licenses are generally a book of seven seals and he managed to explain the reasoning behind the GPL really well.

He also once more iterated about the issue of the naming of the operating system, Linux vs. GNU – when Linus Torvalds wrote a Kernel for GNU and now people mistakenly call what is supposed to be called GNU, Linux. Though he’s fine with GNU/Linux (“GNU slash Linux”) because it gives credit to everyone involved.

So without diving more geekery and tech-talk – he objects all forms of non-free. Even GNU/Linux-distributions (haha) which contain a little of the so called closed source software (often in form of binary drivers) are not free, but non-free. It’s as easy as that. And to be honest I had hoped for a little grey, but apparently it’s very black and white – good and evil – there is no fading.

In the end RMS introduced his other identity (so he says), which is Saint Egnusius of the Church of . Pretty funny, but More like geek fun. I can already see people rolling eyes, when I call this funny. So you didn’t read that.

Last but not least – time for Q&A. Well, almost. He managed to not let anyone else speak. People were cut off all the time while they were asking a question which was either not accurate or plain wrong – according to the star of the evening. I had really hoped for this part of the evening and found this part of the session to be extremely narrow-minded. Time for an exchange? Rather a wasted opportunity and all because his ego didn’t fit into the room.



Yeah, I didn’t know there was a in Berlin, but there is! We went for a walk around , Ostkreuz etc. and then there is Rummelsburg pretty much in between the two. At least that is what the S-Bahn station is called and that’s why I gather – Rummelsburg. This was last Sunday (I think).

This is one of the snaps I took from some obscure art thingy in a park, among with other shots from that day.

Balloons Over Berlin


Anyone notice? People outside, coffee places are packed, there is even sun. I am thinking we made it past the winter, without greater winter snow. Spring is here, spring is here!

I hate venting about the weather because the weather is obvious and you can do little to change it (aside from this global warming thing), but I had this post sitting for about a week and a half now since this other thing, which I like to call Not-Spring, came back. Brr…

Just had to get it out.

Now continue.

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Today: Richard Stallman in Berlin

For free software enthusiasts and philosophers with open calendars on a Monday night (TONIGHT):

Richard Stallman will speak about the goals and philosophy of the Free Software Movement, and the status and history of the GNU operating system, which in combination with the kernel Linux is now used by tens of millions of users world-wide.

More info (location, time, etc.) at newthinking:

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