Any Foneros?

So a long while ago (maybe two or three years), I got two of those . I have one in Berlin, and one back at my mom’s place. I got them because I hate how sometimes you are somewhere else and you have a hard time getting Internet access. I could go without email for a week easily but people get mad. ;-) In the end I buy credits at a T-Mobile hotspot, or I have to use some shady Internet cafe and pay there to get online.

So of course I am trying to use but I didn’t have so much luck finding free wifi – especially in smaller cities. From time to time I check my own FON status and I got pretty excited when I noticed – in Berlin there are actually (now) four different (I assume) people who I share my WIFI with on a daily basis. So of course I got no idea who they are, but it’s pretty cool still.

Also, FON coverage in my neighborhood (Bergmannstr-Kiez) seems to increase. Check out the following map for details. The grey circle designates that the hotspot is not online right now – but who knows. Hopefully soon. Aside from FON, the Bergmannstraße is covered with expensive T-Mobile hotspots, so this is a good thing in particular.

FON Coverage in 10961 (Berlin, Germany)

Revisiting this subject also makes me think of – but for once, I don’t live too high up in the building to be able to run a signal and connect to others and Kreuzberg (or maybe just my area) generally seems to be a pretty dead end Freifunk-wise. FON seems to grow more here.

So, any other Foneros? What are your reasons to share, or not? Freifunkers, you may chime in too!

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