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Fleischerei given notice

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Fleischerei is about to lose its location in Torstra├če, near Rosenthaler Platz.

Fleischerei is not a butcher’s shop – even though the name makes believe. Fleischerei exists since 2002 and it is many things, none of which have to do with meat. Fleischerei is a creative space, self funded. A place to screenprint, a place for exhibitions, a place to hang out and learn, a place for workshops and among many other things also an art collective.

Aside from supporting and working with artists, Fleischerei also supports youth work in Mitte. Fleischerei itself is a voluntary efford.

Candy for the Blind

Happy Birthday, San Jose!

Today is (Valentine’s Day and) Metroblogging San Jose’s first birthday! One of many more to come. So hop on over and wish them all the best. Our 3 year anniversary is coming up in June of this year. Let’s hope we don’t forget. ;-)

3 Tage wach!

3 Tage wach (Up for three days), music by Munich-based , video by Berlin-based Techno DJ Kai Kurve.

Bus to Nowhere


among this year’s crop of new memorials remembering victims of the Nazi regime is the Grey Bus near Potsdamer Platz. Since January 18th the ominous grey concrete bus has been stationed on Tiergartenstrasse near the one time offices of the Third Reich’s General Foundation for Welfare and Institutional Care. It was in these offices (long destroyed and now replaced by the Berlin Philharmonic) that the Nazi euthanasia program was planned and put into motion. “Aktion T4” – named after the building’s address of Tiergartenstrasse 4 – eventually killed over 200,000 adults and children deemed to be “unfit”. While the method of killing varied (some institutionalized children being simply starved to death) the most emblematic was the Grey Bus, in which the engine’s exhaust was redirected into the passenger cabin, causing death by carbon monoxide poisoning. The inscription inside the monument reflects the question of one of the Aktion T4’s victims –
“Wohin bringt ihr uns – Where are you taking us?”

Any Foneros?

So a long while ago (maybe two or three years), I got two of those . I have one in Berlin, and one back at my mom’s place. I got them because I hate how sometimes you are somewhere else and you have a hard time getting Internet access. I could go without email for a week easily but people get mad. ;-) In the end I buy credits at a T-Mobile hotspot, or I have to use some shady Internet cafe and pay there to get online.

So of course I am trying to use but I didn’t have so much luck finding free wifi – especially in smaller cities. From time to time I check my own FON status and I got pretty excited when I noticed – in Berlin there are actually (now) four different (I assume) people who I share my WIFI with on a daily basis. So of course I got no idea who they are, but it’s pretty cool still.

Also, FON coverage in my neighborhood (Bergmannstr-Kiez) seems to increase. Check out the following map for details. The grey circle designates that the hotspot is not online right now – but who knows. Hopefully soon. Aside from FON, the Bergmannstraße is covered with expensive T-Mobile hotspots, so this is a good thing in particular.

FON Coverage in 10961 (Berlin, Germany)

Revisiting this subject also makes me think of – but for once, I don’t live too high up in the building to be able to run a signal and connect to others and Kreuzberg (or maybe just my area) generally seems to be a pretty dead end Freifunk-wise. FON seems to grow more here.

So, any other Foneros? What are your reasons to share, or not? Freifunkers, you may chime in too!

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Charming Burka

Berlin based artist presented what he called the Charming Burka at (in ).

For those not familiar with the term Burka or . The muslim burqa is a dress which is worn by some women in Muslim countries with the objective to cloak their body.

The Charming Burka is just like that but also powered by Bluetooth and transmits a picture – chosen by the wearer – to mobile phones of the people around. The artist says that his Charming Burka doesn’t violate the laws of the Koran and allows the wearer to follow a more Western lifestyle.


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Protests against Scientology reports about a demo of anonymous in Hollywood against Scientology. And I wonder when this movement will come over here and rally in Berlin.

Hartz4 Speiseplan

Speiseplan means menu in German, and (only in German) is collection of suggestions to reform the labour market policy in Germany.

Along with the suggestions people who are subject to Hartz4 (unemployed, etc.) only get a certain amount of money to deal with their daily life. Now I don’t know if you have heard of all that – if you are not from Germany, the chances are slim. The reforms also didn’t quite make it up to their expectations. Suggested in 2002, they aimed to reduce the unemployment by 50% within four years time, and they didn’t come close to it.

Now, according to Hartz4, Berlin’s head of the financial office Thilo Sarrazin came up with a menu for people who are subject to Hartz4 in order. Check out the prices on the goods, I wonder where Mr. Sarrazin shops. Maybe he copied those from the former ?


Frühstück, Mittag, Snack (!!!) and Abendessen are breakfast, lunch, well … snacks and dinner. Look at the prices for a Brötchen (bun) – €0.30. That’s a pretty good price. ;-). Or what it takes to make spaghetti bolognaise. € 1.03 EUR – wonder if you have to buy a truckload of ingredients to match the price or pick through dumpsters behind Kaisers to make that.

I also like the Gemüsesuppe mit Fleisch (veggetable soup with meat) example where you buy no meat, but spices (Rindfleisch-Gewürze) that make it taste like there is meat in there.

For sure you will need to get a lot of storage to keep your goods fresh. Since the plan is setup for three days (Tag 1, Tag 2, …) you will have to rotate. And in order get even close to those prices you will have to spend a lot more in the beginning to actually match that.

Picture source:
Thanks to Sensas for the tip!

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More Sonnenaufgang!

Another one which I snapped on Sunday, but a tad later.


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